Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Good friend of mine on Badger Care is getting all his teeth pulled today.  Something people who do not know poor people don't know is that if you have no money you never go to a dentist!  Dentists are for the rich. 

He'll have cheap dentures sooner or later.

On facebook someone commented about having their teeth cleaned and how it's not enjoyable.  I've had 5 root canals and dozens of cavities (lime stone teeth) and I will guarantee that if you get an electric tooth brush you will have the best cleaning ever your next time in the chair. 

Those things are amazing - I used to HATE getting teeth cleaned even though I brushed daily. But as soon as I switched to an Oral-B it was like night and day. It was literally amazing the difference.  Don't go for Sonic Cares which suck but just an Oral-B.  You will be amazed your next cleaning.


And I suppose I must talk weather.

We have had 35 days where we went below zero this year. 14th highest total to this date.  The record is 51, 1884-85.  The least is 2 1997-98 (a year after the worst spring ever and 96-97 is mirroring this year almost perfectly).   Expect a great winter next year :-)