Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Columbus Agribusiness Dinner TONIGHT!!!

In a move to reallocate money in the Columbus budget and redirect it to roads the city is planing on laying off all of their "knocker-up's" that roam the city.

 No longer will sleeping fire fighters be woken in the middle of the night with peas hitting their windows alerting them of a fire. A new state of the art "siren" will be used which many fear will awaken all sleeping residents.

Once again technology rears it's ugly head.  
Meanwhile with Enerpac moving into their new facility the need for "lectors" will be coming to an end in their factory.

 No longer will factory workers be read The Columbus Journal over and over during the day.

On a side note I have heard that Enerpacs new bathrooms are really nice and much better then the old bathrooms. I feel I must go and check out the new bathrooms and take some photos! (Actually I would love to get inside Enerpac and take some shots!
John Wolcott will now be offering daguerreotypes with his new camera camera obscura so if you are looking for Senior photos check him out.  Here is a lovely cheerleader Hortense Morganstern.

Actually that would be pretty cool of he could do that!  There has been a small scale revival of  daguerreotypy photography in the U.S. 


All right all right! 

 I'm attending The Ag Dinner tonight in Columbus at Kestrel Ridge which was sort of fun last year  and I started looking at some of my "ag" images.  

These monster type contraptions have always fascinated me  

  The above would look awesome printed on metal impregnated paper. I think I'll have to do this and put it up at Hydro.  

I took the below image when it was over 100 degrees out.

I suppose I need to put this on my website.  

OH - I took this yesterday.   My cat!

Have a great day!