Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I have nothing to say

I've decided to not sleep for the next two days to make sure I'll sleep Thursday night for the UW-Wisconsin Sleep study. 

I'm sure being hooked up to dozens electrodes and sleeping in an odd bed is a sure way to get a good sound sleep!  I wonder if anybody has accidentally been strangled by wires "oh, Mr. Melotte sleeps so soundly". 


How awesome is this - only $3.49. But be careful not for Children under 3.   

If Ryan Braun can continue to hit .800 in league play I will be totally over his past indiscretions.

Baseball Prospectus is predicting the Brewers will win 81 games this year and come in 3rd.  The are normally pretty darn accurate. 

This is something the Columbus Police should post on their Fade Book Page (seems we keep losing officers or something . . . maybe I should apply).   
Did you know that there is a way to break into any garage with an electric door in 6 seconds?  Well, it might take you a minute the 1st time but with practice 6 seconds.  It was on You Tube and I'm not even sure I want to show anybody LOL   

this is how it's done


And this is how yo can fix it- go to the 2:00 minute mark for the fix



And then there is Tiger Woods.  Remember 18 years ago when people were wondering if his body could hold up with "that swing"?  Seems the answer is no.  Good Grief, the guy is like 38 and he is falling apart.  I think his body is like a 60 year old.


West James Gallery is Closing.  OK OK - this is getting serious.  Every newspaper and magazine I get hired to write for goes under.  Every place I go to get married either blows up OR burns down and my two main galleries have both closed their doors this year.

And to top that off in 3 years I have never ever had the correct order for a delivery pizza from Napolies - HOWEVER - every random pizza we have ever gotten tastes outstanding so I can never complain!