Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Well, I'll be Flocculated & Lady Gaga & Blast from the Past

My biggest multi tasking concern in the next few days that will be on the back of my mind is all about yeast.

You see I'm going to enter a beer in competition, a Saison (French for "season") a highly carbonated, fruity, spicy beer and with this style it's all about the yeast. In fact the yeast is so important I have to concern myself with the exact temperature the yeast ferment at.

As you know yeast eat sugar but they eat the monosaccharides in order of preference.They will consume all of the dextrose first and then glucose and so on. How much they consume can be determined by fermentation temperature. 

WELL - this means I have to invent a way to raise the temp of my fermentation vessel so I came up with an idea. Buy a big plastic bucket thingy, fill it with water and put my 55 gallon fish tank heater in it.  If I can start at 70 degrees and raise it to 85 (normal temps are near 65) I can really bring out the character.

BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM.  My order of ingredients came in without the special yeast. I was going to brew on Friday and I COULD use another yeast but it has a poor flocculation, meaning the yeast do not clump together and drop to the bottom as much as I want them too.  Does not sound THAT big of a deal but it's the dozens of little things that make a winning beer.

Oh Well,  I'll bottle my Milk Stout Friday and brew on Monday!

BTW - My East India Porter came out GREAT!!!  Seriously.  Elwood says it could be the best beer I've ever made. His remark was "This is professional!".  LOL  I have to agree.  With 86 IBUs (International Bittering Units) it's a BIG hoppy Porter but very balanced. I used Noble British hops for an earthy character (as opposed to American hops which are more grassy, citrusy).

I hope my Oatmeal Stout which is being entered into a competition is as good. It'll be ready to drink on the 21st.

On this day in 1997 Paul McCartney, a former member of the rock band, The Beatles, was knighted by Queen Elizebeth II.    I was not invited.


You know what I'm craving right now? 

A Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco.
I hope its gluten free


I watched Resurrection.  The newest TV show about dead dudes returning.  I did not really hold a lot of hope for it because I thought it would be some sort of tear jerker with a new dead guy returning every week and everybody living happely ever after . . or not.

BUT - it was rather good and I am temporally hooked.  OH, this could be like The Dome which was a great idea  like "really? they like it? now we have to think of MORE episodes".

But rather then people going "OH, he's back, lets move on with our lives".  It's like "OH, he's back WHAT THE F*CK".  At at the end of the 1st episode it's  ANOTHER ONE???

There are higher forces at work here.  Another LOST style show full of puzzles! I love it. 

Speaking of that puzzles. One show that keeps getting better is Revolution. talk about a show that has sustained growth (it will probably be canceled).  this has become true science fiction entertainment and the great thing is questions are always answered.

We know how we lost electricity and why and who did but now we are dealing with a God-like entity and how do we kill it and do we want too?  PLUS - time travel.  It's an awesome show.        

FROM THE PAST - MARCH 9th 2009!!!! 
 And guess what - roads were a problem 

Columbus To Get New Glass Dome Over City


I have become entranced by Lady Gaga. This generations Madonna.  In fact one song I THOUGHT was Madonna but I guess when I saw her perform it in the Grammy's . . . . . its not LOL  Who KNEW!! 



The thing is I like a lot of her NON-hit songs more then her hit's.