Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Firefox? Chrome? Sofie? WHAT? yet another new blog?

The first bit of news is that I have been in contact with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities about where to draw lines and have started yet another blog.  This has ONLY to do with Columbus and Columbus Government.  This way I can separate my personal rants and opinions (which I hope you will notice there has been less of) with this blog.

Alderman Melotte  came up because I kept getting asked about details since the newspaper seemed to be lacking information on subjects.  More and more people are watching the council meetings and asking questions, why this and why that.  So . . . . 


The other BIG news in our family is a new member.   

Meet Sofie

A 2 month old Tuxedo cat.  We picked her up from the Columbia County Humane Society and she is awesome.  After going through 11 years of Milo (frustrating, infuriating and loving) and then Sierra (unloving and aloof) Sofie is a loving cuddlier.  Hopefully she will never see the outside (that seems mean).  And wait - we're going to pick up Iggy on Friday a 2 month old play friend. 

The house will seem whole again.

Thursday my Belgian Saison came in third place and our team swept the competition.

I purchased a 6-pack of Saison because I had no idea what one tasted like and was unimpressed.  But when I tried this 2 days before the competition I LOVED it.!   Elwood tried it and HE loved it.  it's a weird beer to make.

Normally you try to keep the fermentation temp between 65-70.  The closer to 70 and you get cloves esters and lower you get banana esters. Well, this one you start at 65 and then raise the temp to 85 which normally will kill the yeast . . . . but not this one.

Next up.  A Munich Dunkle (a lager) and a Dunkleweison

That's all I got.  DJ is on vacation so I get to get up late (7:00).


After the new Firefox has really jammed up my computer and it does not play well with Google I have switch to Chrome as my browser of choice.   I liked the OLD Firefox but . . . . the new version has major issues search.

Have a great day!