Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Jaime Lannister'd my hand

First thing I to this morning is slam my hand in a car door! Good start to the day.  It was a glancing blow but now my hand has a slight Easter egg shape to it.

I was told by fellow workers after they got done saying OMG!! to get something from the office freezer to put on my hand so I grabbed some old chocolates and a 3 year old ham sandwich.  It feels better . . .but I think I now need shots for e.coli.


Remember that Great Blue Heron rookery I was talking about?
It seems the reason there is that split in 151is because there is an Indian burial ground under that area.  I pulled over and changed all 4 tires and gave myself an oil change and took a few photos yesterday.    Already it's starting to disappear and I bet by this time next week when the leaves are out they will be invisible.   I counted about 30 nests!


This morning there were two male Red Breasted Grosbeaks at our feeder along two Mallard Ducks and the usual suspects of Grackles, Red Wing Blackbirds, Cowbirds, Cat Birds and so forth.

But DJ and I were noticing a Robin was flying under our deck more then once.  So I did some snooping around and found a nest.  So I got my cell phone because it was small enough to put it over the nest.  There is only about 3 inches between the top of the nest and the bottom of the deck floor.


I've been asked a number of times for photos of The Union Terrace and I always say I really don't have anything unique.  Well, once again I was asked so I was looking in my terabit files on multiple hard drives for SOMETHING and I do have one shot.


It's tough typing with mostly my left hand.  I forgot passwords (I have 7 different ones at work) because only my fingers can remember them automatically but now . . . .


Gomez leads the Brewers in Walks   -  Now THAT is funny!  They really do need to learn how to bunt. 

I tried something yesterday and using Dragon Dictation dictated a text message to DJ.   Worked really well actually, I think only one word was off a little.  SO, for giggles I put my iPad up to the TV and recorded some of the Brewer game to see what would happen.  Here are the results. 
Play sexgaymes he Asdrubal three times it is filled up into the gym
 All righty then.

 Well, upon further review I now realize FOX Sports is sending subliminal messages to its viewers.

I Googled a couple words not thinking I would see anything - HOWEVER . . .

sexgaymes - "A mix of jock, athletic hunks in gay hardcore video collection and solo guy photos from sexgaymes.com."

W W WHAT???  

 Asdrubal - Asdrubal Cabrera  plays for Cleveland.  Who knew Asdrubal was a name.

Be careful what you dictate and send


Have a great day