Monday, May 19, 2014

IGGY POP!!!! "Door to Hell" "Retail establishment, adult? Really?

Industrial Use classifications

It seems more people are paying attention to city Government. 

Several people have asked me "just what can go into an Industrial Zone anyway" since they saw the list of things that developers wanted to change. SO . . .

C=  Conditional Use (they must ask and have public comments).
P- Go for it, no need to ask

These are all Conditional Use

Watchman/service quarters - C (well, I'm pro superheroes in Columbus and believe Mullins Shortstop is their headquarters so if they want to have a NEW place . . . .).

HA - I started to list all of the uses but there are MANY!

Go to this link!


HOWEVER - of note! 

Entertainment establishment, adult = P  (strip club)
Retail establishment, adult = P (adult toy and bookstore)
Restaurant (spelled wrong in Municode)Tavern = blank (I see no problem in this instance)

Personally I struggle with "adult" stores.  I realize that America is pretty backwards when it comes to sex compared to Europe but it's one of those "not in my backyard" feelings. 

Once I saw one Baltimore Oriole I put some oranges out hoping MAYBE one more would show up!  Well, it did, and when I lowered my camera after taking a bunch of shots on this guy I looked over and my other orange had THREE in line on my feeder. 

I see two at my orange as I type along with an Orchard Oriole waiting in a tree .  Finch's also like the orange.


Got a PS4 or Xbox? They are the most inefficient game boxes and costing you $25 a year in electricity when they are on stand-by.  They also use 45% more energy to stream a movie then Apple TV, Google and Amazon Prime.

If all the PS3s were replaced by PS4s there would be 10 billion more kilowatt-hours used annually. 


This is so cool.  The next time you go to Turkmenistan check out the "Door to Hell".  I guess in the 70's the Russians were digging for gas and created a sink hole which caught on fire (of course it would).

You can not see the flames in the day but at dusk . . . . . . . . I'm not sure how close I would get to the edge. It's been on fire for 40 years now!


Then there is the Winter Salt problem - seems the Wisconsin Legislature granted emergency funds to the DOT to buy emergency salt. Those funds trickled down to the Counties and then dried up when it came to towns like Columbus.  I guess we are not as important to State Government. City's only cause problems. 

HOWEVER - Being Wisconsin why not put salty cheese on the highways . . . .and that's what they did! Liquid provolone (cheese brine)!  Polk County saved $40,000 in salt by using old cheese brine.

New Bike Signs - thanks to Patrick the City Admin I found out that the new signs popping up mark the official bike tour loops now established by Columbia County Tourism.  The City contributed room tax funds to help with the costs of loop 8 in the trail system.


All right - I gotta say something about music!

Where was my head at in the early 80's, REALLY!  How did Iggy Pop go under my radar. What the hell was I listing too. George Michael?, Olivia Newton-John? (I THINK NOT)

A music station I listen to on DIRECT TV lately is "8-track" where they play deep cuts from the 80s. A song came on by The Stooges.  I loved it so I looked them up and Iggy Pop & the Stooges came up.  I listened to a few songs and OMG!!  I love this guy!!  That is Iggy Pop??? 

Maybe because he looks scary?  Sort of like a human White Walker from Game of Thrones!   I've listened to an interview and wow, super intelligent.  The years have not been good to him though  LOL.

I now have two "albums",   "Instinct" and "blah-blah-blah".  And the guy is still rocking at the HUGE festivals.


The guy is 2 years older then I am and I'd love to lose a few pounds but . . . . . .

Full Concert from 2006 - man the guy has energy!!   

Have a great day.