Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rule 5, Aquatic Center changes, Brewer pitching SUCKS!

Injuries finally caught up to the Brewers and when Garcia the Brewers starting pitcher hurt his thumb batting in the 3rd inning the overworked bullpen (due to close games not ineffectiveness) took over with dire results.

The interesting thing about the bullpen is a young dude by the name of Wei-Chung Wang a 21 year old lefty from Taiwan.  He has made the jump from rookie ball to the Majors in a weird way. 

He was drafted by Pittsburgh in 2012 but then they discovered he would need Tommy John surgery so they voided his contract to create a new contract. This created a rules quirk (loop hole) that made Wang a Rule 5 candidate after only 1 year in the Majors.

The Rule 5 draft aims to prevent teams from stockpiling too many young players on their minor league affiliate teams when other teams would be willing to have them play in the majors.

It seems the Brewers were REALLY interested in the young guy and decided to take him in the special Rule 5 draft.  Here is the thing, he MUST be on the major league roster the entire year. The plan is to have him with the Brewers all year and NEXT year send him down to the minors where he can develop.  So they need to give him enough work so he does not go stale knowing he is not really ready to play in the Majors.  From what I have heard and read the guy has all the qualities and a great fastball, just not the experience.

It will be interesting to watch this this year as they try to get him work in games such as yesterdays blow out where he got 3 innings in.  For HIM, it's not the results that count, just the experience. 

Big changes are being put in front of the City Council in regards to the Aquatic Center.  I believe they are trying to separate the Aquatic Center from Parks and Recreation by putting Pool Manager Loren Glasbrenner in charge as a seasonal employee permanently with no need to interview other candidates.

One of the problems I see immediately is that the Aquatic Center will open up 2 or 3 weeks later then normal.

Stay tuned for more information on this and if you have questions please talk to or email your, or any, aldermen.

District 1  - Rick Royan - Aaron Adams

District 2 - Me - Dave Bomcamp

District Michael - Michael Clark - Michael Thom


RAIN?  You think we have had a lot of rain?

Check out these rain totals in Southern southeastern Alabama and western Florida.

Town / Tuesday / Wednesday

Silverhill            1.80 20.00 
Foley                  1.83 18.93
Orange Beach     2.01 18.52 
Milton                1.48 18.91 
Pensacola           1.86 17.70 

That is a whole lotta rain.

I'm hoping more people will pay attention to City Council happenings and what their government is doing.  The latest Council meeting can be seen here.  The more people getting involved with the city the better place the city will be. 

Columbus City Council 4/15/14