Tuesday, May 20, 2014


If you are thinking about the Green Bay Packers and how they will do this coming year, "Las Vegas" has them 5th behind the usual suspects, Denver, Seattle, New England, San Francisco and then Green Bay.

Philadelphia is 9th
Detroit 12th
Chicago 13th
Minnesota 30th

Brewers - sigh, Wang?  Really?  Was Rick Roenicke sending a message to the front office saying if we are in a pennant race we need REAL pitchers??   The kid is a Rookie Ball pitcher, he really IS out of his league.  The deal is he needs to be on a major league roster ALL YEAR or we lose him back to the Pirates.

VOTE YES - I have heard an argument about if we vote NO our taxes will go down and YES our taxes will stay the same.  WRONG.  The school board is going to spend a big bucket of money on  . . stuff.  If you vote YES some of that STUFF will be land for future use OR, future profit if it gets sold back to whoever.  If you vote NO, more OTHER stuff is purchased, so the same big bucket of money is spent no matter what.

HEY - there is a plan for moving the entrance way to Kwik Trip/Pic-n-Save back for an easier entrance.  Make perfect sense right? That driveway is a cluster-f*ck at times trying to get out.

HOWEVER - the plan would mean the city would need to purchase that land. Opinions?  That is all I know right now.  So the question is - how bad is that driveway. Bad enough to cost us money?  I can not fathom any more business in that area using that driveway - I think it has reached it's peak.

GOOD NEWS - Every day I go to the Short Term Climate Outlook to see what the next 10 day average will be.  For literally the past 6 months, the 10 day Temperature Anomaly has been blue except for 2 days!  Well, this morning we are solidly in the light pink. 0-4 ABOVE normal!!

This will be the cover of the latest issue of LocalEban which can be found later this week at the Public Library. 

The cool part is the back cover will have the same storm from exactly the opposite side of the lake looking at where I am now, with a beautiful rainbow.  I'll have that shot tomorrow.

In other news - My photography will be featured in one of the houses in the Madison Parade of Homes!  I'll have more information on that as things get finalized. 



These Beagles were rescued from a testing lab and they see sunshine and feel grass on their toes for the 1st time

 The Great Day of Darkness

231 years ago yesterday the Connecticut Legislature, in session, debated whether to adjourn because of the possibility that the world was ending. 

General George Washington wrote that the darkness started about 10AM and by noon it was as if it was midnight.   When the sun did appear it was red with, red, yellow and brown clouds.

John Greenleaf Whittier wrote

"Over the fresh earth and the heaven of noon,/ A horror of great darkness, like the night/ … The low-hung sky/ Was black with ominous clouds, save where its rim/ Was fringed with a dull glow, like that which climbs/ The crater's sides from the red hell below./ Birds ceased to sing, and all the barn-yard fowls/ Roosted; the cattle at the pasture bars/ Lowed, and looked homeward; bats on leathern wings/ Flitted abroad; the sounds of labor died;/Men prayed, and women wept; all ears grew sharp/ To hear the doom-blast of the trumpet shatter ..."

 It was a combination of three factors but back in 1780 they knew little about such things.

Massive forest fires in Ontario and widespread fires in Missouri and Arkansas.  Then add heavy cloud cover and rain. 

That's all I have - City Council tonight!