Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blast from the past

I heard a song on the radio which brought back memories!  It was from Queens second album which had something to so with Black Queen White Queen but don't Google "images" of "Black Queen White Queen" from work (just a warning).

The album, or in my case the 8-track was from 1974 and was the featured 8-track on an adventure me and 5 other dudes had.  We went to a truck-in/road trip to Indianapolis in my tricked out hippy van (shag carpeting, wide Keystone wheels and the whole bit).

We were in a convoy of about 400 vans to and from Indianoplis where we had our own Woodstock and I basically, for some reason, I can't really remember 95% of what happened.  I do remember a beer drinking contest THROUGH STRAWS which even then I thought was interesting yet disgusting.  I did not like the yellow fizzy corn beer so I was a non-drinker . . . . of beer.

Now I'm contacting friends on Facebook to see who I was with.

Just because it did not rain in Columbus yesterday does not mean you should water your garden.  In the last 7 days we have had 4.30 inches.  I'm not sure the gardens are drying out yet. 

This is Iggy, also known as The Suckle Submarine.  The 3-month old little dude still has mommy issues.  It's a good thing Sofie is around, she does not seem to mind.  COVER YOUR NIPPLES!!

Friday a group of 12 of us golfed the Legends of Bergamont which is a stupid name but a pretty course.  with handicap I golfed a net 68 so I was pretty happy.

Check out that quaint little home on the left side of the photo.  So cute.

 I took this shot because the white water tower was so striking.  If only Columbus had a white water tower  :-) 

And the final photo is of a room that a developer wanted me to take.
 When DJ and I toured the Parade of Homes in Waunakee we saw some amazing "Show" houses.  25,000 square feet of beauty with 5 feet on either side of the house.  They were stacked right next to each other like sardines. 

One house actually made DJ angry.  BEAUTIFUL outside but the layout inside was a tribute to ridiculousness.  Nooks and cranny's everywhere that were cool but in real life would never ever be used.      

It seems to me a lot of Parade of Home house's are not meant to really be lived in but only looked at.  The house I had my work in was the first "normal" $550K house that people could MAYBE actually live in as opposed to showing it off. 


The economy - a few bellwethers have been surfacing lately.  One big one is Caterpillar.  95% of all Caterpillar equipment dealers are beating their forecasts in sales.  This is big news for the American economy as it shows growth. Yet another one is public construction spending as a percentage of GDP.  During the recession local governments got absolutely hammered and infrastructure was put on hold.  This is coming back in a big way.  And one more bellwether is RV sales are booming!  

Nuff said!