Monday, June 9, 2014

Dragons, employment and an Anniversary

And interesting chart popped up about jobs in America. After the jobs report came out saying "we" had finally gotten past the high point in the job market since the recession and then people started complaining about how long it took . . . .well . . . . Obama, a Democratic President decided to actually make our government smaller which slowed employment down a LOT (as opposed to other Presidents who SAY they will make government smaller but don't).


As for Private sector jobs - pretty much in the middle. 


I'm a little ticked off at Mr. Eisenga and his Grocery Store plans.  If you remember the very first problem the "new" Council had to deal with was the rush rush "we HAVE to get shovels in the ground NOW" decision making as we tried to correct a problem he created. 

Well, shovels are not in the ground and they are already 3 weeks behind schedule without one shovel of dirt being moved.  This week they are suppose to be putting in Concrete frostwalls and footings, yet . . . . I see nothing.

Yea - there are problems I suppose getting all the right papers in but that should have been put into the estimate, ESPECIALLY if the occupancy date of 11/5/14 is REQUIRED!    


18 years ago people in Wisconsin were suffering one the the worst springs in memory.  In 1996 we had just gone through 2 weeks of highs in the low to middle 60s and lows in the upper 30s and people were pissed, complaining and whiny! 

DJ and I got up at 3:00am and drove to the Milwaukee airport, it was foggy and cool and everything was delayed.   We finally boarded the plane and 3 hours later landed in Las Vegas where the morning temperature was hovering around 100 degrees on what would become the hottest June 9th on record with clear skies and it felt WONDERFUL!    

Sort of like when you are a little cool and you hop into you car and it's all warm.  

About 5 hours later we were being driven back to The Rio in a limo with faulty air conditioning by Louie the Limo Driver and we were now Mr and Mrs Melotte.  We were married at The Little Chapel of the West (which was moved a week later when they imploded The Hacienda) in a wonderful spiritual wedding.  

It was the best gamble of my life and I have never ever regretted it.  

Ten years later we were remarried near a vortex in a beautiful area near a babbling stream with Cathedral Rock in the background outside of Sedona AZ and a day later that area burned down.

We have been told to stay away from most places for our 20th Anniversary.

A side note - two days earlier we were in Las Vegas where they had an entire years worth of rain in one day flooding the streets and backing up the sewers. 

Dragon Art Fair - had a good day.  In fact surprisingly it was the 10th best out of the 27 fairs I have done.  The odd thing was I sold a few images of  Fritz Kline who was playing Abe Lincoln.  Sort of a surprise.  Also an image of the USS Cobia for a guy that is in a club that plays an old computer game called Silent Hunter.  It's always so weird what people will buy.  

We got packed up JUST before the storms hit.  We were 10 minutes from "all packed" when the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped - WHEW!  

BTW - DeForest has a WONDERFUL Fire Station/Police Station/EMS building all in one!  WOW!

The big ticket items were the Fractal Oaks (working title 3 Kows because those 3 splotches in the green are actually cows.)

And of course State Street where I have to deliver a special order 20x60 to Madison today.


I finished The Forever War - what a fascinating book and my D-Day weather book is interesting.  I did not know it was forbidden to say anything in the newspapers about current weather in the U.S. during WWII.

In fact there was a forest fire in Maine and a newspaper reported in was extinguished by a "smart" electrical storm and the editor was almost fired for going against strict wartime security.

It's a great book for weather geeks.

OH - speaking of weather - another image that sold, FINALLY, was of a wheat field on a 100 degree day.  I remember because I was in long pants, long sleeve shirt and a tie when I stopped the car and took this just outside of Cottage Grove.


Final thoughts

Game of Thrones - OMG - I can't un-see that scene. Grossest thing I have ever seen seriously. TOO MUCH TOO MUCH! If you watch GoT you know what I'm talking about!

TURN - I hope AMC gives it a 2nd season - what a great show.  AMC is turning into a wonderful network with a good number of excellent shows!

Orphan Black - watch it. The BBC has this weird quirky thing going on. Maybe it's just the British are weird and quirky.

All my normal shows are over and I can catch up on Boardwalk Empire and so forth before the best strategy game show ever - Big Brother comes on.  If you have ever played Diplomacy or other strategy games you will love this show. If you have never watched it it's not what you think it is.  

Nuff said - have a great day