Friday, June 13, 2014

Give me a gig of solar power.

I don't know why people are afraid of me - just because if they make a mistake I write about it . . . . . It's not like they are wearing Google Glass . . . or Face Computers!!  LOL

So as I mentioned before I've been working hard supplying a Parade of Home home with my images.  I drove to Waunakee yesterday to deliver 3 more with price tags and so forth and it's kind of a hassle because if you have entire block of homes going up and every home has a dozen workers all with their own truck and you can't use driveways so it's a pretty crowded place.

ANYWAY - I get there and . . . . wait  . . .what?  The entire home is furnished now and all the walls have framed generic beige blobs of color that are not mine.  And mine are stacked in a three season porch.
I stand there with a giant ? above my head and call my contact.  She answers and I say something like "So I didn't like make the cut or something?" and she says "what?" And I explain and she says "WHAT?"   And she is amazed and shocked will get down to it but then has another job for me (how handy?) .

Well, my stuff is still there and I do not have a clue what is happening now but I sat around all day yesterday waiting for a phone call to explain what I should do . . . I was a little perturbed.  I guess I'll see when I go to visit the Parade.


At the moment before the 1st Council meeting in August a Sun Prairie rep for fiber optics will be giving the council a presentation to see if we wish to be a 1 gig city like Sun Prairie will soon be. We would piggy back onto their system.  We have the cable running to Cbus already.  This isn't just for internet but will be TV and everything.  Just a beginning talk as Sun Praire is moving forward.

I'll keep all informed as I learn more.


A really cool thing we learned from the WPPI Power Dinner was that WPPI (who we buy our energy from) is looking for a beta community for a solar farm and Columbus would be PERFECT.  A quick explanation. Basically a acre of solar panels that would feed into our water and light sub station. Then customers would buy a share.

For instance - we had our house assessed for getting a solar water heater which would include solar panels and so forth which we would need to take care of and probably cost $10,000 and would pay for itself over 10-15 years.  With this (an example only) we would buy in for $10,000, THEY would operate and maintain the solar panels and we would buy power at a reduced rate from W&L. . . or something like that.

It's still in the "let's talk about this" stage but if Columbus wants to be a Energy Sustainability Community (of whatever it's called) this is a must in my book.  Since WPPI wants this to be highly visible they are looking to advertise so it's a double win for both the community and WPPI.


In lieu of any other information getting out here is a quick report of the 16/60 project coming in 2017.

The 16/60 Task force met again and I'm pretty sure trees are in the downtown's future and we are moving along - perhaps not as fast as I wish because we tend to get side tracked on things that are meaningless at the moment which is a little frustrating.  RIGHT NOW - the big push is on the historic district for an important document for the DOT.

Here is what we have so far.

This weekend we are all submitting our color ideas for the colored concert (not painted) for crosswalks and the bump outs near the F&M bank.  We can't have bump outs at the 4 corners.

Jenny Achterburg came up with an idea and  I still want to talk to Caldwell Lumber about reusing the wood from the trees that will have to be felled (did I used that work correctly?). I've talked to some metal fabricating people in Columbus and they are a GO for making our own benches like Mount Horeb.
 Mount Horeb has these benches, about 3 or 4 on each block.  MUCH cheaper then the metal ones we would have to purchase and MUCH more inviting to sit on. 

Here is a view of Mount Horeb - OH LOOK - a white water tower (I'll have more on the current plans for repainting our water tower . . . silver  :-(  but white will cost an extra $250,000,  I'm pro white).   Think what the Mount Horeb tower would look like in a silver.

And before you ask, there are many trees that will fit that love salt.

I;m now typing 1 handed because of a kitty so i will bid adieu.