Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kwik Trip . . .FAIL? Impossible, Can't happen

So here I am all pumped up about how awesome Kwik Trip is and spreading the word when I come across a classic FAIL.

I'm driving to Door Creek for golf league and since I did not have any lunch I figured I stop at Kwik Trip in Cottage Grove and get an 83 cent roller dog.  The really do have pretty good hot dogs.  I go in and . . . . . what????   no hot dogs at all?.  And wait - brats are $1 . . . no brats?  hmmmmm  I wander around like a zombie for a few minutes and return to my car empty handed.  

BUT WAIT!!!!   The dude said one of their business models is to cater to soccer moms who want a quick AND HEALTHY treat for their kids.  And knowing that I can get a banana for like a dime I shut the car off to get a healthy banana.  

WHAT????  NO BANANAS????   . . OR APPLES???   I stood there, literally for 1 minute staring blankly at the empty shelves in shock. 

I purchased a Salted Nut Roll instead and had my best round of the year!     

mmmmmmm  a nougat center that is surrounded in a layer of caramel and then covered with salted Virginia peanuts using reduced lactose whey.  Nut Rolls were created in 1933 during the depression originally named Choo Choo Bars.


Tomorrow is D-Day and as I'm a weather geek I've started reading a new book called "The Forecast for D-day: And the Weatherman behind Ike's Greatest Gamble", by John Ross.

Did you know the first person to coin "weather forecast" was Capt Robert FitzRoy (captain of the HMS Beagle) in 1861.   He was so bad he slit his throat in 1865.  It was not until 1933 (the same year Choo Choo Bars first appeared) that the U.S. got serious about weather forecasting.  

And since I'm talking about D-Day . . . did you know that Scotty from Star Trek was in the first wave to hit Juno Beach and suffered 6 gun shot wounds. One in his chest but his cigarette case stopped the bullet but one bullet tore off his right hand middle finger. You never saw his right hand on Star Trek.

He shot two snipers and led his men through an anti-tank mine field.


Words can be a powerful tool but sometimes you can use a word that you think is fine but the listener takes it the wrong way. I believe I am the poster child for using the wrong words.

There are six words that people say all the time and that people should not use.


When you say you should or shouldn't do something you are making a value judgement but is it the right choice??

Have to

There are very few things where you really have to do something except breathing I suppose.  If you feel you have to do something it's your choice because if you don't do it something bad MIGHT happen.

Can/Can't - one of my pet peeves

This one drives me crazy.   You can do something but will you?  Replace "can" with "will" in a sentence and look how it's much more powerful.  "can" is a negative word.  can't is a copout. When you say "can't you are admitting failure and is like saying "won't"


There is almost nothing that is truly impossible.  At one point they said landing on the moon was impossible.  Never say "impossible".   When you say something is possible then you can start to find a way to make it so.   "impossible" is admitting defeat and proving to yourself you are a loser.

And that is my story!    


OH OH for all of you guys out there. Did you know it takes almost 500 shaves to dull a razor?  The cutting of beards do not dull a sharp blade.  It's the water. When you shave shake out the razor and dry it on a towel and place it UP.  It will prolong your blades a very very long time.