Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away

Looks like Columbus with it's 1.67 inches of rain yesterday morning is taking near top spot in rain reports.   Beaver Dam is reporting 2.27 and Madison is between 0.77 and 1.15.  Whitewater had 2.62, Sun Prairie had 1.51 but also had 80 mph straight line winds and a LOT of trees down. I drove through yesterday and near Jungs every yard had tree damage.

So far in the last week Columbus has received 2.62 inches of rain. 

I was asked where all this rain is coming from and it's do to a stalled front just south of Wisconsin. With the lack of a powerful jet stream which is north of Wisconsin the storms just meander east taking their time.  

Good chance of big rain after midnight tonight with good chance of Thunderstorms all day tomorrow.  Good Saturday and then 90% chance of T-storms Sunday and Monday.


Speaking of  Parliamentary Procedure which was invented by a church dude in Milwaukee (seriously) I was in no way saying Mayor Kelly was in the wrong when he quoted from the Big Book of Words saying we were fine with the voting. I think he saved the day . . again.  I'm not exactly sure if Parliamentary Procedure is a Law?  a Practice? or what the legal ramifications are for not following Roberts Rules of Order (the official name).  I sometimes think the whole process is silly and time consuming but I suppose we need SOMETHING in place.      


Something that will need to be talked about is the flawed and controversial demerit point system in Columbus.      


Reason #3 on why children of the 70's should be dead. 


 This poor kid is about to get rammed in the nuts by a goat, and the nearby adult isn’t the least bit concerned.  In fact, he finds this all incredibly amusing!  As hard as this is to believe, but when kids got hurt back then, adults didn’t come running with first-aid kits.  More than likely you’d be left alone with your pain, with no alternative but to get over it.
In the 70s, parents watched their offspring fall from trees and fall off bikes with a smile.

OH - So I have been enamored with Iggy Pop and wondering how I missed this dudes music like 40 years ago.

I was listening to Pandora and there was a song by The Stooges, Iggys first band and I was reading the bio . . LOL . . OH MY!!

During the recording of the Stooges' second album, members of the band were introduced to heroin, which quickly took a heavy toll on the group. As the Stooges prepared to release their sophomore album, every member sank deeper into substance abuse (except for Ron Asheton, who became increasingly frustrated with his bandmates as instruments and gear were pawned to pay for drugs), and their excess eventually surfaced in their concerts, not only through Iggy's antics, but also in the fact that the band could barely keep a simple, two-chord riff afloat.

LOL   Sounds like a movie!

Have a great day!