Monday, June 23, 2014

Times Running Out! The Broadway Theater

In Nate Silvers new book he takes on weather forecasting and to get right to the point "local" weather forecasters are horrible. They tell you what you want to hear so you will listen and tune in again.

All local channels except CH 27 take their forecasts right from the Natl Weather Service.  They they try to make the forecast "better".  The NWS is very very good.  The Weather Channel who also takes their forecast from NWS does slightly better mostly because they let NWS do all the heavy lifting.

Local?  Horrible. They will purposely fudge their forecasts to improve ratings. They really don't care because no one believes them anyway when they are wrong. Typically local forecasts have a "wet bias" and will err on the wet side.

Looking for the best forecast that is not concerned with ratings? - Madison


I went to the Parade of Homes in Waunakee where I had 4 images on a wall of a $550K house and was surprised when some people recognized me from the Agora Art Fair.  Then as I was waiting for crowds to pass before I took this shot I got to see people ooooing and ahhhhing about my Fractal oaks image LOL.

But the cool part was a house across the street wanted me to take photos of their house and more houses in the future!  

Here is a cool story about Chris Cook of Revival Homes.

When he built his very first house and showed it off to his parents they were shocked at one of the features.

They went and got a photo of his great grandfather who built homes.

The door!  Chris's door was exactly the same as his great grandfather.

Chris, who had never seen the photo before had me take a photo.

Now that I have had a little time to digest what was and what was not important (in my eyes) at the latest city council one of the things that is exciting is what is happening with the Columbus Auditorium.

However - before excitement happens there is a small problem which belongs to the CAC (Columbus Auditorium Committee) that has to be cleared up.

In order for the CTAi (Columbus Theater Association inc)  to be recognized as a 501(c)3 the "city" needs to terminate the CAC's lease.  Then the CTA could lease from the city directly.  Until this is done the CTA is stalled and REALLY, now is not a time to stall.

I cannot see any reason for the CAC to not relinquish control as I am sure that since they were all about making the auditorium a vibrant entity for the city, so this has to be a no brainer, I HOPE.  I applaud the CAC for putting up a good fight against the "old" city and keeping this dream alive. Without them the auditorium could have become a pile of rubble so we have MUCH to thank for their efforts!

And I tell ya - there are "rumors" of some pretty exciting things happening - SO exciting that you will NOT read about it HERE first!


In other news, boring old Columbus will be just like 99.9% ( or maybe 100%) of all the other city's in Wisconsin and have primaries if there are more then 2 candidates running for office.  For the life of me I can not think of any valid reason in the world to NOT have a primary.  
There is no longer a Facebook page for the Columbus Police Department, so if you are looking for it, it no longer exists.  Nuff Said.
Good news for baseball players - the original idea of having 4 foot home run fences that I balked at is now a minimum of 6 feet.
If you want to reserve a park shelter in Columbus you must reserve it with MONEY!   Call the rec department.  It's a fair way and helps upkeep and we are still cheaper then most towns.
The land that the School Board wanted to buy because it was cheap will probably be sold soon to a local developer who will probably sell it back to the city at a MUCH greater price in the future.

Well . . I would do the same thing I can't fault him for making a profit. The failed referendum will cost the citizens of Columbus much more now in the future (I assume).  And people don't think their votes counts??  30 votes short will raise school board taxes (I assume).


Glad I don't watch the World Cup.  WHEW!

But I did watch a lot of Brewers this weekend and WOW!

Game one  Brewers win 13-10

Game two - probably not only the greatest play of the year for the Brewers but worst play of the decare for the Rockies.  A bases clearing 3-run wild pitch!  AWESOME

Game three - Brewers up 5-3 in the 9th inning.  First Rockies batter rocks the ball that misses an HR by one inch, then as the ball bounds back to center field the batter runs 90 feet to 1st, runs 90 feet to 2nd, runs 90 feet to 3rd and then runs 70 feet towards home before he trips, falls on his face and Brewers tag him out.

Next batter hits  what WOULD have been a game tieing HR.



I feel sad - I now leave to go to the dentist who I have been going to for over 35 years.  He is retiring at the need of the month.  So weird.

When I get home it's brew day as I brew a Bavarian DunkelWeiss a light brown wheat beer that has a mild chocolate malt flavor that will have some smoky and spicy character. . . . I hope.

Have a great day!