Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Columbus stuff - Big Brother and Golf

I'll tell ya one thing.  If your brain is sluggish and stagnant and you need something to get the ol' electrons going.  Get elected to City Council. Multi-sided convoluted problems.  Love it.

But let's get back to reality!  Big Brother 16 - the greatest true strategy game ever.

Basics - 16 House Guests - age 21 to 42, in one house for 3 months - absolutely zero outside influence. Each week through a contest one person has the power to put 2 people up for eviction and each week they vote one person out.  And thus, each week there is a power shift.  There are all sorts of alliances and friendships and sex that all get in the way of winning the game ($500,000).

There are students of the game and complete idiots.

WELL - week one has gone by and it's been awesome to watch a few people implode already.   One guy made an alliance of 6 guys (The Bomb Squad - the GUY alliance = Caleb, Devin, Frankie, Zach, Cody, Derrick), but then without telling the other guys he brought in two woman ( Amber, Christine - who were thrilled and had a different alliance with others).   

So at the moment the Bomb Squad feels they control the game and are cocky but inside the Bomb Squad it's highly divided with other "inside, air tight " alliances -  Frankie/Zach, Frankie/Celab/Devin, Frankie/Christine, Zach/Cody/Derrick, Caleb/Devin/Amber, Zach/Cody/Derrick/Frankie/Christin and of course Devin and Donny (who is not in any other alliances and does not know Devin dumped him already).

Meanwhile - the woman on the other hand . . . well . . . they are all dreaming of having sex with the guys because they are hunks OR, fabricating what is possibility the worst game play in Big Brother history is blue haired (The Liberal) Joey which will unfold Wednesday night.

The woman have an alliance called El Quatro which they all swore would go to the end (WOMAN POWER) which died after 12 hours with 2 founding members on the block and Joey (worst player ever) probably going home.

OH - it is awesome!   and good eye candy - for all.

I'm putting my money on the undercover cop (top row 6 from the left) who is teaming with Amber the other person with a family - bottom right next to the bearded student of the game janitor.

OH - nest to amber with the poofy hair is a guy who said "I don't need friends because I'm my favorite person" and he acts like it. 

I am HOT in golf.

Played 18 at The Oaks yesterday and had a 92*.  (* = no cheating).   Birdied #6  - My last three rounds NET (includes handicap) are 70, 68 and 64.  How long can I go before I get spanked and back to reality.


Columbus has had 8.47 inches of rain this month and it rained 14 of the 30 days!  We have been getting less then Madison. 

This was a photo I took last night!

I was wondering around Cbus yesterday and when did these things start popping up - who is responsible???
And this beautiful structure - is this something we could utilize better?  has anybody ever sat there??

We have a new business downtown!

AND - as was pointed out that last weeks CDA meeting (which is STILL not online) we have planters in Columbus already - why are we trying to make the place MORE beautiful? 

Actually I would like to thank who ever planted this.

Now we should move this into some place that actually makes sense.  Has anybody EVER seen someone sit on this bench?    Why put all three in one spot.  garbage/flowers/bench.

and lastly - the Public Safety building no longer looks like an unoccupied crack house. Black windows, black door, no "welcome" sign and not even anything saying this is the police station.  It was scary!

At least NOW there is an emblem so we know it's a police station -  and it looks like so greenery growing. Gettin better.

Have a great day!