Monday, July 14, 2014

Drinking Scientifically with Science Beer Glasses

A few city things.  Sounds like we might be leaning towards repainting the water tower white.  There was an idea to paint the bottom of the ball blue like Fall River but in an email I sent our Water Czar, which because of our hideous email system said NOT AUTHORIZED and then deleted the entire message and nothing went through.  I'll retype my idea here.  I LOATH Outlook.
Milwaukee Harp Lights

ANYWAY - Do we want to be like Fall River?  My latest windmill that I am chasing is trying to keep Columbus unique.  The 16/60 street light debate has started to turn bad (in my eyes).  Do we want new Milwaukee Harp Lights which would match Hwy73 downtown?  Or do we want taller lights exactly like Sun Prairie and Madison.  Those are cheaper because we need less, BUT, won't we start to look like Anytown USA.

ANYWAY - the water tower.  First it was Silver which it has been since the 1970s.  Now we are leaning to white which costs a little more but, I feel it is important to have a great looking water tower, especially in a small community.

The water tower is the first impression many wayfarers will have with Columbus. So I feel white at the very least is important.  But then there was an idea to have a blue bottom like Fall River which would cover the dirt and junk that builds up under the big ball.  Do we want to just copy Fall River??  IF (big if) we go this route - why not green.  Green is energy conservation which is what CW&L is all about right?

But why stop there!!!!  Beaver Dam is all blue.  We can't copy Beaver Dam, why not all dark Green (insert evil laugh).  I don't have a clue on the cost of a color as opposed to white is but let's not rule anything out before we know facts.

I was not elected because people felt I would just follow along and not change anything. People in Columbus are hungry for change, they want things to talk about and be proud of.  I tossed my "don't change anything"  rubber stamp that was attached to my chair away.

and yes, I am aware of budgets :-)


Someone posted on Facebook on our Sun Prairie Worthog page about some glassware that made IPA taste better.   Knowing that glassware is important but only having anecdotal knowledge I immediately felt this was something I must have.  At least to prove them wrong.

But I read the explanation and hmmmmmmm it seemed plausible, but what about reality!  So I ordered two glasses and my buddy Elwood and I felt it was necessary to really put the new glassware through the test saturday.

I'll explain the theory and then the results.

We all know bubbles form at nucleation sites in glass. Tiny imperfections.  These glasses have small humps or ribs which increase the surface area which in turn will give you more nucleation sites.  Fair enough, more on those ribs later.

The reason you want to bubbles and a good head on your beer is because 75% of taste is through your nose. More bubbles, more "taste".   In the photos below you can see the small ribs (more like humps).

Then the curved bowl directs and focuses the aroma to your nose.  Another thing to note is the actual curve of the glass which places the beer right in the middle of your tongue, unlike a typical pint glass which sloshes too much beer into your mouth too fast creating an antidrowing response on your tongue which the tongue tries to slow down the fluid by pressing against the teeth and covering taste buds.

Also of note, the glass is it is made out of almost pure quartz so it's very thin but very sturdy (not tested . . .yet).  They claim this glass will make beer keep it's cool temperature longer. The claim is 2.5 degrees colder after 5 minutes compared to think pint glasses.

BUT - all those are just theory - what about out experience.

The first thing you will note is that while I think I'm pretty good at pouring beer correctly I seemed to have issues with these new science glasses.  There is actually a trick we learned.  Tip the glass more horizontal and pour into the rounded top part.  It took a lot of practice but someone had to do it.

Most of the beer all seemed to give a much bigger head then in pint glasses.

Did it seem colder?  yea it did but it could have been subliminal.

HOWEVER -  here was the deal maker.  The entire beer and every beer we had tried from the 75 Minute Dogfish Head to Founders Centennial, to Averys IPA and Ale Asylums Ballistic and even my award winning Saison and a few others that I frankly can't remember (that was about the time the Mayors dad who was driving by stopped and started talking to us and we just smiled and nodded our heads) there was ALWAYS a perfect head.

The below photo is of a beer after 15 minutes after initial pour and some sips of beer. Notice the beautiful head.

What happens is that every time you take a drink the beer flows out of the bottom area and then back into that bottom area which agitates the beer just enough of reform the head.

The glass is shaped perfectly so your mouth and nose are all focused and you can see the beer flowing towards you.  It's really a fantastic glass.  I was floored.  I really didn't think I could fall in love with a glass!  Recliner, YES, TV, YES,  glass???  who knew!

Elwood and I both had "wow" moments saying these glasses really work.

5 thumbs up out of 5 I say.

I purchased two glasses for about $20 - free shipping.

Spiegelau Craft Beer Ipa Glass

Speigelau also make special stout glasses but I have not found those anywhere that has free shipping and don't want to pay $15 for one glass.


Went to Art Fair On The Square and I am totally going to apply next year.  Yea - it's $600 but it's time to step up with the Big Boys.  Spring Green also.

If any of you are near Lake Mills next Saturday they have a great show there and I'm in booth 33 on Madison street.

You know what does not sell for me?  Flowers!  Sunflowers yes but any other flower?  nope!  So weird.

ANYWAY - Saturday July 19th.

Then I'm bringing the show to Columbus for Ale and Arts August 3rd.