Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jones Dairy Farm / Costco shorting sausages!

in one of the many twists of fate DJ grew up next to Oscar Meyer and I grew up next to Jones Dairy Farm in Fort Atkinson.  Her dad was rescued by a PBY in WWII and my dad flew a PBY in WWII.  DJs brother is 7 years older then she is and my brother is 7 years older then I am. Both dads parents played the accordion. 

ANYWAY - there are dozens more weird things (DJ parents age difference, my parents age difference and the age difference between DJ and I are the same). 

ANYWAY - We purchased Jones Golden Brown All Natural Fully Cook Sausages from Costco because they are pretty tasty and a good deal.  DJ was making a thing for her work and needed to cook up about 40 of those little devils and purchased two 10 packs from HyVee as we were short.  

This morning I got up and was cooking 40 sausages which I wish I could do EVERY morning but I found something odd.  

On the packages they said they were the same size but side by side the Costco ones were much smaller.  I got out my brewing scale and found that the 10 packs were as advertised  0.7 oz for each sausage.  HOWEVER - the 80-84 pack from Costco each sausage was actually 0.64 oz.  Making the claim that there were 56 oz of sausages actually 51.2 oz.  

I'm disappointed in Jones Dairy Farm.   Someone is shorting someone and I will be asking both companies for an explanation.

Now I must prepare myself psychologically for an hour of baby sitting.  Pray for me. 


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