Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Council Chambers - the WORST place for ideas.

We had our extra super secret City Council meeting last night.  Not only was it not televised but we had it on a Monday instead of a Tuesday just to throw people off and there was a different vibe to it.   More relaxed and a little more candid.

I've brought this up before but something a former alderperson Paula said at the highly successful Council Listening session struck a nerve.   She said that James Street reconstruction was given to the CDA several years ago and nothing was accomplished.   Here is the problem.

The Council Chambers is an idea killer.  There will never ever be any truly inventive idea/task accomplished in the Council Chambers.  The TSS Taskforce that DID accomplish our task sat around a table facing each other, looking each other in the eyes, seeing body language and bouncing ideas and concepts off each other.  

Council Chambers you are lined up against a wall looking out, never seeing the person you are TRYING to bounce ideas off of. It's an idea killer.  I pray to God when times comes for budget talks we are not in the idea killer mode but I'm afraid we will be.  I will BEG to have us sit around a table and get feedback from each other.   If you want to really work on something, don't line us up against a wall speaking to air. We need to see each other.

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