Friday, August 29, 2014

Land of Lincoln and Gunslingers.

Heading to the Land of Lincoln today - Springfield ILL.  If you ever get that way make sure you check out the Lincoln Museum which is unlike any museum I have ever been too. It's awesome and was designed by the same people that created Disney World (or whatever).

It is also, sadly,  the home of a Statehouse that is more colorful and beautiful then Wisconsin, although Wisconsin has more grandeur.


If you ever have a chance to watch "Gunslingers" on the American Hero Channel (formally called the Military Channel) it's a very very good historical docudrama on six of the old west gunslingers, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok (played by Walt Willey of "All My Children") ,Tom Horn (the hit man of the old west) and John Wesley Hardin.

You see why they did what they did and how it is not all black and white on why they killed so many people.  Fascinating - probably on Netflix sooner or later.

Wild Bill was the real deal.  If you take all the cliche' westerns and put them together THAT is the real Wild Bill Hickok. He invented the shootout on main street.  


Sorry about yesterdays rant on roads.  YES - we need to make sure Columbus roads are in the best shape we can make them, there is no argument on that from me.

And does Sun Prairie have fiber optic cable already?  A friend of mine signed up for fiber optic a few days ago dumping Charter.  It's actually a little more expensive and slower then Charter but they have 5 different plans.


Trying something new.  What if I put that on a BIG canvas.  hmmmmmmm

Since I'm pretty sure this blog gets read 90% of the time from work no blog until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend.


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