Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ziggy? Really? sigh!

So I go to the CDA meeting and the Mayor says "That was a controversial blog today" and I say "yea, that was perhaps a 14 inch pizza and not an 16 inch pizza that kid was holding".

Not sure what part was controversial actually. Just saying what was on my mind - I have no filters . . . . wait . . . actually I do have filters and THAT was actually the filtered version. I AM on City Council so I had to make it tame.  Someday I will not be on city council and I can take the gloves off.

I'm not anti business, the Sentry store will make some people happy and the other stores that might eventuality be built will make people happy and that is the key to a successful city.   I was just going off on the fact that "I" was getting the blame for Anytime Fitness being 6 months late on opening.


We met the new Columbus Economic Development & Marketing Assistant Dave Carleson and he seems nice and has energy which is what Columbus needs. I'm looking forward to his influence in city matters.

We (the CDA) are getting a map of downtown with things to do and places to see which will include ALL businesses.  We are also looking at a new website for the city and a hand out we received had a surprising revelation - "What are people NOT looking for on a city website"

1. Welcome videos
2. Water Towers
3 Cat photos

WHAT????   You show me a website with funny cat photos and I will show you an active website.

Actually 60% of people looking at a city website are looking for a calender of events which Columbus desperately needs.


Happy birthday Alfred Hitchcock (1899).  I watched an old Alfred Hitchcock  . . . . . wait . . .that was Twilight Zone . . . .nevermind.  Anyway I watched an old Twilight Zone and it was so lame. Very slow moving and disappointing. Not how I remembered them at all.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High debuted today in 1982 and American males fell in love with Phoebe Cates. The movie also had Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, Forest Whitaker, Judge Reinhold and Anthony Edwards to name a few.
The Battle of Britain ramped up in 1940 on this day called "the Day of Eagles". This is when the Luftwaffe decided to attack British airfields.

Soon after German General Goering decided it was more trouble then it was worth and switched to bombing London. It was a massive blunder on his part.
In the Economy - July Retail Sales comes out soon and it is expected to be 0.2% higher then a year ago. We shall see.

Just looked - SWING AND A MISS!

0.0%    hmmmmm - have to look into this and see what the talking heads are saying.  Looks like Autos were the big lag in the economy.
Rush Limbaugh is blaming the death of Robin Williams on the "leftist worldview of things".  We're never happy and leftists are filled with pessimism, darkness and sadness.

WHAT? - I'm the happiest damn person I know and I'll kick your ass if you say otherwise.

He rambles on about low expectations and so forth.

ACTUALLY - I read an article about how to become more happy and it is to lower expectations. It is so much easier to exceed expectations if you have low ones!  Makes sense. I know my parents were very happy with me because they did not expect a whole lot.  . . . I'm just making crap up now, I could never beat my straight "A" brother so . . . I didn't try!

Sadly the July Retail Sales had really low expectations and we came in lower . . . hmmmmmm perhaps if you have low expectations and STILL miss the mark that is not a good thing.

That is right - if you have a frozen steak - do NOT thaw it before you cook it. A frozen steak not only losses less moisture and cooks more evenly, but it also tastes better than the thawed one. The frozen steak has a much thinner band of overcooked meat (known as a “gray band”) surrounding the pink interior than the thawed beef.

I can not believe I did not know Ziggy Marley was in Madison this past weekend - AAAAGH!!  Really?   COME ON!   DJ and I would have been there in a heart beat. That really bumbs me out!  When we had our adventure in the US Virgin Islands Ziggy was the Go To music.  

Brewers - 79% chance to make the playoffs .

"Do you think God gets stoned? I think so ... look at the platypus." - Robin Williams

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