Thursday, September 4, 2014

A vote of confidence from The Mayor

Thursday Morning - while parts of Madison received over 3 inches of rain. Columbus received 0.04 inches.!

The Mayor pointed out last night in city council that my blog is 50% correct so I consider that a victory as I believe he meant to say "is up to 50%"  which is an increase and a vote of confidence.

Actually in council last night we continued into Room Tax hell for the 3rd or 4th month and I'm not sure about the other council members but I know the Mayor and I have philosophical differences on how room tax should be used. HOWEVER - I do feel we need to tighten the screws but I do not like the idea of giving total control to appointed individuals with only reactionary over-site.

I'm sure we will be talking about this for yet another 3 or 4 more months.

I believe we agree to disagree.  Or at least I agree to disagree.

Meanwhile there is a big bucket of cash on the City Hall doorstep! Take what you need but leave some for the next guy!  But remember - 75% must go towards marketing/


On this day in 1855 General William Harney led 700 solders and massacred 100 Indians in a Sioux village in Nebraska.  (not that this has anything to do with the Room Tax problem above).

A year earlier a lieutenant named Grattan tried to arrest a Teton Sioux brave for shooting a white mans cow and basically forced the Indians to attack the 30 men he was leading. All the solders were killed.  Despite numerous witness accounts stating that he had threatened the Indians and it was not their fault this was called the Grattan Massacre.

Now a year later famed Indian killer General William Harney in retaliation, attacked the Sioux village killing 100 men woman and children who were led by Chief Little Thunder.

Little Thunder tried to surrender immediately but Harney refused to accept it.

Later Harney learned the facts and softened his stance on Indians and had a successful peace council but it was only temporary.  Harney would forever be nicknamed "Squaw Killer Harney" and attacks on both sides would become more and more violent.

One Sioux boy who was a witness to the original Sioux slaughter would never forgive and 21 years later would get his revenge at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  His name was Crazy Horse. 

In case you are wondering August was pretty normal temperature wise  and above normal precipitation.  While the farmers almanac is saying we will have a frigid winter - real science  is saying otherwise.  November through December will have above average temps and average precip.  The rest of winter will be pretty average all around.

OH - here is the forcaste for Columbus 

Sep 1-7: T-storms, then sunny; cool, then warm;  WOW - going out on a limb on that one?

How can you say they are wrong with a forecast like that!!

oh - The next 30 days looks like average tempos with above average precip. 


I took a walk around downtown Columbus and by my count we have a 71% occupancy rate.  This includes three store fronts that have garbage in the windows and two Antique stores that use their windows as storage and warehouses. The worst most empty underutilized street in Columbus is what I feel is the BEST locations in Columbus. The north side of West James (where Hydro Street is).


Did I say I feel the Packers should cover the +6 points?      


Yea - I had the wrong lens on my camera for this shot but . . . at least I didn't almost get arrested this time.  I used my mom as a shield.


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