Friday, September 19, 2014


Jack Ma at a business conference
There's this 5 foot tall Chinese dude that was fired from KFC in China in 1997 for being crazy because he kept pushing companies to use the Internet for e-commerce.

So instead of have the backing from other companies he spent his own money and created a business-to-business portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers.

That little guy, nicknamed Crazy Jack Ma, later today, will make about 21 BILLION dollars when Alibaba IPOs in the United States.

Alibaba?  What is that?  If you take Amazon and eBay and combine them into one company they are almost the size of Alibaba.  Alibaba sells EVERYTHING.  In the English website they have ONE BILLION things for sale.

Each employee of Alibaba will receive a $250,000 bonus today which considering that the average employee makes about $10,000 a year that's a good deal.  Well, they won't get it TODAY but . . . . . it's not a good time to look for another job!

NOW is a very bad time to invest in Alibaba but in a month when things settle down!  Bet the farm. 



Want to see how to set up a Flurish Trimline Canopy in 20 seconds!  I time lapsed myself yesterday.

Don't worry - yes it does look like I'm peeing in the corner - I'm not  

All to get a good shot without people.

I still have a little straightening to do and digitally fix the banner and other clean up things but here it is.  I could actually use another booth with all my stuff but . . . . Hey - Go to The Work Shop in Columbus in October I'll have all sorts of things on Display.  More on that later.

I'll actually have a newsletter coming out in the next week or so for those that signed up!


Since the new kickoff rules in the NFL - concussions on kickoffs have dropped 40%. I bet in 5 years there will be no kick-offs.

Did you know that that was Aaron Rodgers first ever comeback win after being down by 15 points?


OH - Trick or Treat.

I put my Survey Monkey survey on Columbus Connects and this blog and the results are in.

61% of the Columbus Residents would like Halloween to be ON Halloween and not Sunday Afternoons.  Only 70 parents responded but it's interesting.

My next survey will be,  Hell?  or Purgatory.  Pick a side!

And yes - society today is much less violent then in the 70s and 80s.  And there is a  reason that was first written in Freakonomics I believe and has since been substantiated.  Roe vs. Wade. Unwanted unloved children have a tendency to grow up violent.  It's all I'm going to say on the subject.


When did 74 degrees become "warm".

NEW SHOWS - lots of good stuff coming on TV that I'm going to record and check out!

Sunday  Madam Secretary - Not fond of Tea Leoni acting but maybe it will be OK - who knows.

Once Upon a Time - I stopped watching the show but if you look at Graph TV the show was outstanding last year.

Monday is crowded - Scorpion and Gotham are on - Gotham is pre-Batman and shows how Gotham got to be like it is!  OH - Blacklist - one of my favorite shows.

Tuesday - Person of Interest. Great show.

Wednesday - Survivor of course. I'm again not on it.  Mysteries of Laura.  I watched the premiere last week and not bad.  I'll probably fade away but who knows.

Friday - Amazing Race



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