Friday, September 26, 2014

Jeter to Play for Red Sox - iPhone BendGate - and OFF is ON in the iPhone6

In a stunning move.  Moments after Derek Jeter won his final game at Yankee Stadium Jeter, taking his cue from other loved sports heroes, announced he was coming out of retirement and will play for the Boston Red Sox next year!

Seriously though - was that NOT a storybook amazing ending for a great guy!   You can not script a better ending.


Got lost driving home from Sun Prairie last night  LOL It was about 11:15 after Home Brew Club and 151 was completely closed.  So I followed 3 trucks because I THOUGHT they knew where they were going.  But alas, 5 minutes later they are all stuck at a dead end (or making some huge drug deal).  So I turned around and saw a line of traffic and followed them.  I had no GPS since my phone, just before I left for the meeting went into ZOOM mode somehow and was worthless to me because all I could see were 3 letters and I could not get out of it (tap 3 times with 3 fingers to restore  - why didn't I think of that!!)

So I proceeded to follow vehicles which I GUESS were not going to Columbus at all.  Oh - I know how to get to Columbus from the EAST side of 151 but the west side?  I guess not!  I kept thinking that sooner or later I would hit 73 or 60 or 16 or 151 or SOMETHING!!  AND NO - I had not had too much to drink.  In fact at Eddies a friend bought a beer for me - A SOUR beer!  no really - sour beers are the latest fad it seems.  Actually beers purposefully infected with Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces or Pediococcus. Like drinking a sweet tart!  YUCK - I only had one!  


It was just one of those times you put yourself on auto pilot and all of a sudden you say, wait . . where the hell am I?

BTW - there were cars upside down on 151 and I have heard nothing about this on the news yet.

A problem with being an aldermen is that all you hear about are problems and complaints and soon you forget how great Columbus is.  The motto - which I will continue to push for "Discover Columbus - Celebrate Small Town America" is so true and I have to remind myself that this IS a great little town and I love living here.  I can see the Milky Way every night and yesterday there were two Great Blue Herons on the creek by my house.  Coyotes howling in the distance and the smell of fresh manure and dog food.  Love it.


Seems the iPhone does NOT have a problem bending at all.  Only 9 out of the 10+ million have bent but mainstream media has latched onto it after seeing a faux video that shows him bending an iPhone yet . . the time on the phone shows that the video is fake.   OOPS!!

There have actually been more bendy problems with the iPhone5 in 2012 but media did not blurt it out.

BTW - if you have a new iPhone6 there is a tracking setting that is set ON by default and all your activity is being monitored by advertisers.

Go to Settings / Privacy / Location Services ON - click it OFF!

BUT WAIT  not done yet

go back to Privacy and go all the way to the bottom and here is where it gets tricky

Advertising - Now you want to turn Limit Ad Tracking to "on." Yes, it's confusing (really) the default "off" position actually means that tracking is on, so you want to turn it "on" in order to switch it off.  

Not done yet!!!

Click "reset Advertising Identifier  - RESET Identifier to clear the cookies.


Watched Scorpion yesterday - Fantastic show and will watch again!  Watched Madam Secretary despite seeing the clips and not seeing any actual acting by Téa Leoni, more like script reading.  HOWEVER - it reminded me of The West Wing a little and I'll give it another chance.

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