Monday, September 15, 2014


I have nothing (to get me in trouble).


HEY - did you see the speed radar sign coming down the hill on West James on Saturday?  It was awesome . . . for one day!  Did someone steal it?  I've never had a speeding ticket or any moving violation and I came down that hill at a brisk rate going over the posted speed limit and BAM - there I was slowing down!  

IT WORKS!!!!   We need a permanent one.    


NFL Commissioner Goodell is overrated - at least if you look at the stats!  The owners all say no one has ever made them more money. Well . . . . . The NFL is actually the SLOWEST growing sport since he has taken over.  Franchise value inflation-adjusted has the NHL as the fastest growing sport, MLB second, NBA third and the NFL is last.

Here is a twist that has been talked about for a while. You know who is on the very very short list for for NEXT Commissioner of the NFL?   Condoleezza Rice.   In 2002 she said her dream job would be Commissioner of the NFL and I have heard her a few times on the Dan Patrick show and I was really impressed with her.  She knows football better then politics!  


I've been listening to stories and reports about the Tremont Hotel fire and seriously - Columbus dodged a very very big bullet with some amazing luck.  If the 2nd floor was pitch black with smoke and flames coming out the window with a 35 second response time, think what a typical 5-10 minute response would have been.  

At MINIMUM we would have totally lost The Towne Tap, the Tremont and the Black Kettle with a good chance for a total block buster.  With the Fire Department having a once a month training session AT the fire house, one block away at the very time the fire starts . . . . . freakishly lucky!

A 1 in 186 chance the fire fighters were there at that time on that day. 

Thank you emergency responders.  

Something I HOPE we learned and maybe somehow we can fix is that the city needs to find old cat carriers. Maybe we can get some donations?  We need at least 6 on hand. People standing around holding their cats watching their home burn is not a good thing and a few cat carriers would have been REALLY handy

We also need to have someone in charge (hindsight is always great) of making sure all the people who belong to a burning building are in one place.  If I would have thought of that I would have done it but . . . hindsight.  Get them all together so everyone knows where everyone is.  Maybe it was done at some point but it should not fall on one person.  A learning experience for sure.  

When was the last time the Tremont was inspected by our fire inspector.  Do we even have a fire inspector?  Or a building inspector?  


OH - the Packers - now we know who called time-out defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson.  You can see it in replays.  He apologized saying he was "into" the game and was just trying to help.  Thank you Sheldon (the check is in the mail).


OH  - A request.  I'm looking for a place to store my 5x8 trailer over the winter. Covered would be great but outside would be . . . . OK.

Have a great week. 

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