Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back from Walker-land

All over up north there are huge 4x6 foot Walker signs that he has given people money to put in their yards ($50 I hear) and then there are the small Burke signs that people purchase for $10 next to the Walker billboards.

I dislike yard signs because they make people angry and I can not fathom why a business would put ANY political sign in front of their building.  I don't care if someone is left or right when I need to buy a widget of some sort but if they advertise someone that I dislike, they automatically lose my business forever.  NOT because I disagree with their view but because they are not very bright in running a business.  I could sell many of the shots on the right in art fair but I don't want to piss off the right!

And furthermore.  You don't need an ID to be in a political office but you need one to vote? Seems weird.  Who really knows who I am.  No one has ever checked!  Maybe my real name is Klemm.  

I really do not know what went on in City Council. The council session I really wanted to attend because I had issues but they put all the stuff "I" wanted to talk about on the week I was gone. Maybe next time I won't tell them I'm leaving. I wanted to talk about Winter Parking Rules two months ago.

I did hear through the grapevine that Trick or Treat will be on a boring Sunday because it was to soon to change and I 100% agree.

Winter Parking Rules - seems some people are afraid to think outside the box and try something new. Could be chaos you know. If we never try anything new we can keep everything the same. FOREVER.

I believe the Constitution was outside the box thinking and people were afraid of change. It's never been done before so should we even be thinking about it?   Lets stifle any new ideas because we have never done it that way.  Let's not even TRY to make Columbus better.


ANYWAY - I'm back from da nort with nothing to say. Beautiful weather, amazing fall colors.

Spent time in Fish Creek and went to a Fish Boil which was invented at The Viking Grill.  I remember my parents taking me to one in the late 60's and I hated it. FISH?  BOIL?  OMG


Today I set up for a "gallery" opening at The Workshop 336 N Spring Street Columbus 2 to 4PM.

I should have about 20 pieces up with smaller ones and they will be there all October.


OK - nuff said today - got catching up to do in many other things!!  




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