Thursday, October 2, 2014

China King - WOW

Just to get things straight - "folf" and its derivatives are largely disliked and actively hated by most members of the disc golf community.

"frolf" is when you play with any Frisbee but you ONLY make up your object targets and you play in parks or forest ,etc . . .  but, do not play on actual courses and do not have baskets. If played on a real course with baskets it is disc golf.  Also, "frolf" has no rules or etiquette, and you make up pars as you go. They are 2 different games entirely.

If you are wondering about how many courses there are in the area here are the courses within 50 miles of Columbus.

There are a lot of players waiting to play Columbus and review it. I was down at Glide Disc Golf in Madison yesterday working on getting a bunch of disc to Columbus and 4 people in the store said as soon as I list the course on the National Registry they will be playing and reviewing it.  


I'm a little ticked at the moment.  Yesterday I wrote a blog called "Fear makes you stupid" that listed the REAL chances of an active shooter hitting a random school (once every 1,900 years in America) and I put it on a flash drive which my cats played with last night and now I can not find it.  They were wild last night.
photo bombing my own cat

For instance.

DJ was cleaning the frig and had all sorts of Tupperware out on the counter for cleaning. Sofie was, of course, curious and looking around the counter full of bowls and pans and so forth.

All of a sudden a metal pan falls of and hits the floor with a CLANK which startles Sofie so much
she BOLTS but since the counter is slippery all she is doing is knocking off all the bowls with her back feet which scares her even more.  I'm watching her running in place kicking things off and it's like in slow motion.

HOWEVER - I see that if she ever gets traction she is going to collide with a row of recycling bottles sitting on a cookie sheet on the edge of the counter right in front of her . . . . . like a bowling ball and pins.

By this time Iggy, who was on the floor, is freaking out and just as he has decided its time to bolt Sofie has gotten traction and has collided into the bottles sending her and the bottles and the cookie sheet over the edge on top of Iggy who is now also running in place on the hardwood floors freaking out.

Now both cats are looking like Wile E Coyote running in place as their world is tumbles on top of them.

DJ and I are both laughing hysterically.

So Iggy hid my flash drive somewhere.  sigh!

Took a walk down to Five Guys Burgers yesterday for lunch and stopped in to the Overture Center and snapped a few photos. Here is one.


The NL Wildcard game last night was not as exciting as the AL Wildcard game for sure.  Oak/KC was one of the best baseball games I have ever seen.  Last night SF/Pitts  zzzzzzzz  8-0  If the Brewers would have played the game would have been much more exciting, maybe 3-0.


Quantitative Easing

Not that you should listen to some dude on the internet and knowing that most people lose more money trying to time the stock market then what they would actually lose in a correction . . . . . there are a lot of investors looking for a reason to get out of the market.

The QE3 market rally (Quantitative Easing where the fed pump $$ into America) could be coming to an end and we are at a deciding point.  There has not been a 10% correction for a long time and it seems investors are actually wishing it would happen to get it over with.

Just sayin'


China King

We all know China King closed for the summer to remodel . . . or something.   They opened up last week and I have to think that they are the most important restaurant in Columbus. There is no substitute.

We decided to order last night and instead of the normal 10 minute wait it was 40 minutes, DOWN from 1 1/2 hours!!  They have been inundated since they have opened.  

The place looks about the same actually, new tables and a little more open in the kitchen but the food . . . .what happened???  They were always good before but last night it was AMAZINGLY good. DJ and I both looked at each other and said "this is REALLY good, what changed?".    Same food but something is definitely different.

Well done China King!  Bravo and welcome back.  

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