Monday, October 13, 2014

Council votes to rename Columbus to Indigenous People's Land

In a stunning vote the City Council of Indigenous People's Land (formally known as Columbus) voted to rename their city.  Citing that Columbus never actually set foot in America (formally called
Spain or something) and much to this authors surprise never actually sailed up the Crawfish river in the Nina but in reality might have sailed to Neenah down the Fox river.  I stand corrected!!

In more newsworthy voting by this group of ne'er do wells voted to make Thanksgiving NOT on the 4th Thursday of the month but starting the Sunday before the 4th Thursday it will become a three day holiday of gluttonous partying. 

Halloween was talked about moving to Halloween which makes no sense to some residents because how will they know when Halloween is and does ANYBODY else in the country do this?  but this was deemed too important to talk about in one meeting.  Instead they voted to move Christmas to January 6th because this is where Eastern Christianity celebrated the birth of Jesus which happened to coincided with the Epiphany.

4th of July celebrations will now be the day after the 3rd of July unless it already falls after the 3rd then it will be the day before the 5th of July.  The City lawyer will be spending a good amount of time writing this ordinance.

There was a motion to move the January 1st celebrations (called the, New Year,  in some circles) to March 25 which is the date England celebrated, New Year, but we American changed it on them when we decided to drive on the correct side of the road just to piss off England (which is partially true).  March 25th is already celebrated with John and Yoko Ono holding their first Bed-In for Peace so . . . . need I say more!

There will be no parking in June through August on any Indigenous People's Land streets if snow is forecast with Council voting to not plow streets if it DOES snow thereby saving money.

"We try to be proactive" one Council member was believed heard muttering under his or her breath.

On a more serious note GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!  This year you REALLY do not want to go to the hospital with flu like symptoms.

I went to my first dentists in 34 years that was not named Dr. Samuels.  Oddly my new dentist in a new location informed me that my x-rays were backwards (seriously) and they do things differently on the 21st century.  No more wooden teeth I was told.  YIPPEE!!!!

In a related story my Mayor who shall remain nameless told me in confidence "Rod, don't tell anybody that I said this but dentistry is the most crooked profession".  I told Kelly  this person I would not repeat this but then I was thinking . . . . this is coming from a lawyer . . . . . .

You know when you are leaning back in a chair and JUST before you tip backwards WHOA! you catch yourself.  You know that feeling?  That is how I felt when  lawyer said that - it was like a double negative.

Of course I am/was a Government employee/politician so . . . . I am very confused now as I thought "I" was the most crooked lazy profession .


This is a hole at Alpine Golf in Door County!  175 yards out, many feet down.

And as I was looking for some images for the kids at The Workshop to work with I came across a shot of Amtrak.  

 Now I must write something for my photo newsletter that has been on the back burner for a while.  Have a great day!!


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