Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Evil Cloud Seeding - I think we can all agree!

Quote of the Day - John Gruden "Anything goes on any given Sunday especially on Monday Night". ++++++++++++++++++

I was going to write a blog yesterday but felt like crap with flu like symptoms. I immediately felt like I should call Chris Christie because he seems to be a doctor now and knows what Ebola symptoms are and what to do by watching FOX news.

But then I thought that I really did not want to be in quarantine and maybe it was the 42 Twix bars and 21 Kit Kats washed down with beer during the Packer game that was the problem. It certainly FELT like Christie's ebola.

But then I was think and it could have been even more evil.  We all saw it Saturday - it was clear as a bell. 

YEA - illegal cloud seeding right over my house by someone in the Columbus government.  Was it our Mayor?  The Police Chief?  Another Aldermen trying to keep me quiet?  Staff ( you gotta watch those guys like a hawk)??? 

All I know was I was standing on my deck and as I watched the evil chemicals flow over my house I was getting warmer and warmer AND IT'S OCTOBER!!!  Yea - that's science man!!!

Let me explain why it could be any one of those above causing this. 

First the Mayor - the prime suspect. 

This guy has been trying to corrupt me ever since I got on council with our differences of opinions but then last night I agreed with him on a few things!  Yea - seems like the chemicals have taken hold doesn't it.  He said some things that made sense, AND I AGREED! (unlike when he says things that make sense and I disagree)  OMG - the cloud drugs are working. 

You see in Columbus we have this HUGE 16/60 reconstruction coming soon and the powers that be have been anticipating about a $4 million price tag.  WELL, we found out last night that the price tag will be more like $600,000.  SAVING 3.4 million dollars which staff says we now have all this money we can spend now.  

Wait . . . . isn't this like not having any money, taking your car to the shop and instead of a $400 price tag it's $60 so now you can go spend the $340 savings? 

ANYWAY - The Mayor says he would not be so quick to come to the assumption that the price will be a mere $600,000 and perhaps we should wait for high fiving the State Government (who has no money at all) at least until Tuesday.  So yea - I agree.  

Then it could be our Police Department seeding above my house.  After all they spent $10,000 over budget on gasoline alone (budget $20,000 used $30,000). Never mind seeing their squad cars STILL zipping up and down 151 catching speeders before they enter Columbus. Perhaps the cloud seeding was to blind me of this.  Just seems wrong to protect residents by stopping speeders outside the city limits. 

A fellow aldermen who I agree with on most things but he sees absolutely no good in Enerpac which I see as a calling card to the world, intrinsic value  - a giant beautiful billboard building that shows Columbus is a home to world class companies and to take us seriously.  And no - I would not have approved of the sweetheart deal they got from PREVIOUS administrations but it's there so let's not bash it.  BTW - the last thing you want on a city council is a bunch of individuals that all agree on everything. We had that for many years and I think it's why we have 6 new council members now!

Staff???   Yea - here is the thing - they assumed 4 million and at the moment the deal is $600,000. Well, perhaps they SHOULD have said 8 million and we could have saved a LOT more money and fixed a many more roads! They seeded the clouds to cover their error.  

I think it's Crombie though! He is in charge of everything? Next time you see those trails run inside the house or all of a sudden you will be agreeing with EVERYBODY!!  Look what happened to me!! 




As I said I felt horrible yesterday but had to leave to Madison with an appointment for the sweet sting of the needle.   I had part deux of my tattoo at The Blue Lotus which I am really impressed with.  

For anyone wondering about tattoos and since I had 3 hours to think about this yesterday let me say one thing.  That first half hour hurts like a SON OF A BITCH!!  No getting around it. but then your endorphins kick in and seriously, it's like a prescription to Oxycontin, you feel the pain . . . but who cares.  Plus as a side effect my stomach problems and headache all went away! 


Speaking of the above 8 million we could have saved. 

Today the NBA kicks off and I got this NBA system that we could really use that extra 7 million in savings to make some real money - just sayin.    The Bucks are 426 to 1 to win the NBA!! seems like a good bet!   I don't even like the NBA but it's all about numbers.  +121 units last year but I tweaked the system. 

30 years ago yesterday Micheal Jordon played his first game for the Bulls and had 16 points.  In his 2nd game against the Bucks he scored 21 points and on the final seconds to win the game he shot an air ball.  In his 3rd game, also against the Bucks he scored 37 points, changed the game of basketball forever and never looked back!

Did you know that Jordon did not make his highschool basketball team and that he was the one that started the baggy short trend.  WHY?  because he insisted that he wear his University of North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls gear during every game.

OH - and then there is the Bucks and their young super dude Giannis Antetokounmpo. He's 20 years old and still growing.  he is listed as 6'9" but is actually 6'11" because he grew another 2 inches this summer.  He has 7'4" wingspan and 10 inch hands but get this.

There is a video where he took a steal at the foul line and dunked the ball on the opposite of the court, 72 feet away with two dribbles!


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