Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Wiccan New Year!!

Halloween comes from the Celtic tradition called Samhain which was the end of the  . . Old Year in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man  (home of a bucket list music festival) so this is the start of the new Wiccan year and it is believe that this was the date that faeries and spirits could enter our world.

Many people set and extra plate at the table.

This is the #1 kid holiday and no matter how cold it was this was the night I would look forward too all year.  Not as big as Christmas but pretty close.  I have more memories of Halloween then Christmas.

Since this is a good day for witches here is a poem from my moms book

Snapshots Along the Way which is now on the top 9,323,382 books sold on Amazon . . . and with zero advertising!!!!


My ancestor, Lydia Gilbert
was accused of witchcraft in Hartford
in November of sixteen hundred and fifty-four.
Her son was the Marshall of Hartford.
He arrested and jailed his mother.

Her accusers sat as her jury.
She was convicted and sentenced
to die on the gallows at Albany Street and Vine.

In Hartford the hanging of witches
was one of the duties of Marshall.

There is no written proof of her hanging.
That page has been torn from the records,
but in January her husband left Hartford, alone
He moved to the village of Nayuag.
In sixteen-sixty he died there
Without ever seeing his son, the Marshall, again.



It's been in the works for a few weeks/months. The Columbus First National Bank Building, after a lot of renovation will become the home of Motoclasico.   Jose Rivera will specialize in restoration and sales of classic motorcycles along with retail sales of bike apparel and an online website presence for his own line of classic bike related apparel.

Jose has a background in marketing and understands that Columbus is not a hot bed for tourism . . YET.  But see's what many people see in our downtown, an opportunity.

In the CDA we were talking about what Columbus needs in our downtown and unique and interesting shops was the hot topic.  Not hardware stores and so for (not that we have a choice in the matter). We want outside money coming in and not money that is already here.  Motoclasico fits this bill perfectly and it's a fantastic location for this business.

The plan is to open in mid winter after morphing the Bank into something else.

Looks like Hydro Street will have some classic bike images on their walls next summer.

And then speaking of images.  The new Columbus Area Historical Society Christmas ornament is ready.  I took this image last Christmas and maybe I'll go out this morning for more winter scenes for 2016 (I have 2015 all ready).

Here is last years Columbus Historical Society ornament . . .

This was sent all over the U.S. and I THINK they might have a few left, not sure.

If you wait a little bit they will be signed and dated by  . . .me (blush) but really, they are good without my scribbling on the back.

Collect them all, trade with your friends.


Did you know that on Hollywood there is a $1000 fine and or 6 months in jail for using Silly String today?   City Ordinance "use, possession, sale or distribution of Silly String in Hollywood from 12:01 AM on October 31 to 12:00 PM on November 1."

Halloween is the second most commercial holiday in America behind Christmas.


Anti-Affordable Care Act people must HATE it that it's working.  OH - MY INSURANCE WENT UP!  Well, that is because YOU HAVE MORE COVERAGE!!!!

Check out these to maps

This shows how many did not have insurance coverage in 2010

And this is what it is in 2014

States that embraced the AHC planned expansion of Medicaid (not Wisconsin) saw a 40% drop in uninsured people.

Have a great weekend, stay warm.  Columbus had 1 inch of snow as I reported to NOAA and CoCoRaHS.  Butternut in Price County had 3 inches. It looks like we got the most snow in the area.  YEA!  


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