Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm over it

Am I becoming a grumpy old man like knowitall??  Has politics made me cynical?



Maybe I'm finally getting over losing a $5 wager last Sunday. I had Tennessee winning by 1 point and they were up 28-3 at halftime. Then Cleveland staged the largest road comeback in NFL history and I lost by 2 points! 

OH - San Francisco. Just catch that meaningless touchdown from the 8 yard line at the end of the game on 3rd down - BUT NOOOOO, he drops the ball and they kick a meaningless field goal.  And as one famous sportscaster once said "That was big in some circles". 

OH - Jacksonville - really?  A pick 6 with a few minutes to go?   sigh.

Good news - I might have a person siting beside me on city council.  The Mayor appointed Trina Reid and the council voted "yes". Well done Mayor and I hope she accepts the position.  I am on Library board with her and have been in a few other meetings and I'm happy. We need more young thinking people in Columbus politics.


There is still time to invest in Lakeland Industries. They make Hazemat suits and their stock is taking off like the plague! On October 1st the stock was 6.95.  Today it is 18.42.  

Want to know why stocks got crushed yesterday?  Maybe instead ask why they went up the last few years.

The S&P is at a very critical stage hitting all sorts of bearish trend-lines but this all goes into why the last few years were so awesome and what the future holds. 

At the start of 2013 everybody was in cash and gold and so forth and under-invested in stocks.  The Fed started dumping money into the market like there was no tomorrow. America was super pessimistic at the start of 2013, American companies started to smash expectations and the world economy was improving. 

Stocks took off for a few years.


Investors are no longer under invested, the fed is stopping the dumping of money, not as much cash and gold to sell, and the world is going into a deep shit hole as Europe is about to go into a triple dip recession, Japan going nowhere, China is unwinding (I worry about Enerpac who are deep into China).

Yea - October is always the most volatile month but I'm not bullish on stocks. 


Speaking of Ebola - I saw a video of a dude who made a joke on a airline saying  "I have ebola and you are all screwed".  Well, he was booed and everyone remained calm.  when the plane landed a team of Lakeland Industry garbed hasemat garbed beings came on and escorted him off the plane. 

The head stewardess was great.  Over the loudspeaker she called him a "idiot". 


If the goal of the Columbus Community Calendar is to help people that LIVE in Columbus don't you think they should have governmental events and meetings and agendas?  It really does not help people that live outside of Columbus and are looking for things to do.  

That is where Columbus Connects helps out and should get recognition for it's Facebook page that helps visitors and townies alike plan and see what is going on if they visit Columbus.

For instance

Columbus Connects  "Creative Kids Art Class at The Workshop"  "Columbus Discovery Orchard" "Exploring Creativity Class at The Workshop" " Friday Night Fish Fry at Columbus Country Club"  " Friday night at The Capri Steakhouse"  "Weather forecast" and  "***Reminder - Leaf Pick-Up "

Columbus Community Calendar - Two Senior Center Exercise events at the Senior Center and a 4th Grade girls basketball practice.

I'm not cutting down the Calendar as I hope that this is not the finished product.

If you are on Facebook LIKE Columbus Connects - 403 daily readers! 

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