Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wasn't as close as I thought

Yup - I thought it would be a lot closer but in reality it all came down to a 15 foot jumper with 30 seconds left.

What?  What did you think I was talking about.  The BUCKS man The BUCKS!!  Those crazy guys in Milwaukee that are sweeping the state in excitement are 2-2.  Four games and 4.8% into the season and they have already won 13% of the games they won all last year!  It's a wild ride my friends.  

OH - and my system won both it's games in blow outs last night ( play Orlando tonight).

In other news I could not even watch the morning news this morning but when I did I saw President Walker yelling 4 more years.  But that is not the bad news ( Oh, I was not even disappointed last night, there was no chance in hell of Burke winning - more on that in a second).

The bad news is we have a cold wave coming and unlike other cold waves this one does not have a bounce back to normal associated with it.  Actually it just keeps getting worse for a few weeks.  A week from now we will WISH the high was 32 degrees as that would be warm.  Get your winter coat and mittens out.

Balderdash is taking his Animal House trip to Las Vegas this weekend, upper 70s for them. 

Back to politics, now it's time to put up or shut up for the conservatives.  It's all about hating everything about Obama but not having any of their own plans - well here ya go.

Wait - the economy is doing great, gas prices are falling (saw $2.99 this morning), Affordable Health Care is actually working and the country is doing great (I said the country, not Wisconsin)!  DAMN IT OBAMA!! 

Walker has said he does not think minimum wages serves any purpose and even though in Illinois their new republican Governor wants to LOWER minimum wage . . .it was still a good night overall for wages country wide with a number of States saying they want to raise the minimum.      

But don't get depressed (or excited) - it all swings the other way in 2 years when Republicans have like 25 seats up for reelection and Democrats have 10.  Checks and balances!


Remember Howard Dean?  Remember that yell that the Republicans caught and BAM - his campaign was finished?  That is exactly what happened to Mary Burke. First time I heard that one commercial about plagiarism, BAM - her campaign was over. Walker hit a home run with that ad.  I have hated all three campaigns the Democrats have used against Walker.  I emailed each candidate and told them - dude (and dudette) you are not reaching the people you need to reach. Get some fire in your belly.  It was like watching Milk Toast run for office.

At least maybe now on facebook we can get back to kitten photos again.  Although I did see kittens voting so . . . . .

OK OK - cute kitten photo of the day.  That is little Sofie and huge Iggy on his back. Both the same age, about 9 months but one weighs 4 pounds and one weighs 9 pounds. 

And speaking of cute - here is Sydney and her school photo - she is 3.  I think there is something in the Columbus water.  No - that is NOT a full size ladder.

Heard something outside last night.  Took my phone and recorded a pack of Coyotes.  I'm thinking they were about 100 yards away.  Probably circling our Water Czars old house.  I think it was why he moved, to many children were looking tasty to the pack.

It was a little windy but if you listen you can hear them pretty well.  I just had an expert listen, he said they were probably wolves because I saw a wolf last week.  But - then he listened and nope, he said those are coyotes.


Ever notice that in all iPhone ad's the time on the phone is ALWAYS 9:42?   That is the time Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in 2007. 


nuff said!


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