Friday, December 5, 2014

AJ Hawk is looking for you

Good stuff "M" in your comment the other day.  I think there is more sex in TURN the TV show then the book.  OH - got the book at Costco.

I've been trying to find TURN somewhere to watch it again now that I have a clue what was going on.  BUT alas, not on Netflix or On Demand.   It took a couple episodes before I figured out what was going on the first time through.

History Channel had an awesome 10 hour (or something) special on the American Revolution that was fascinating.

I know many people will hate this but I do like squirrels  (although they can be a little gamy at times).  Actually I lived in squirrel heaven for a number of years in Madison when I lived next to Sandberg woods.  There was a herd of deer and it was like a nature preserve. Never had squirrel problems and we had raccoons that would eat out of our hands . . . . not that I would suggest people do that but  . . HEY - we didn't teach them that. 

ANYWAY - we had our first critter at the feeder yesterday.  I'm thinking that this was the guy AJ Hawk was looking for the other day. 



We all know that the next resource war will be over water. Oddly this water world has a lack of clean water yet we waste it like there is no tomorrow.  

While we wring our hands over Global Climate Change and give the finger to fraking and how it is ruining our lands we continue to waste thousands of gallons of clean water by flushing when we pee.  
The average person wastes 1,200 gallons a year.  BAM, in 2 seconds we waste 2+ gallons of clean water.  A family of four can pour 5000 gallons of drinkable clean water down the drain a year . . . and for Columbus clean SOFT water. 

At least try to NOT flush EVERY pee. (I'll get a call from the Columbus Water Czar soon "ROD SHUT UP!!).  :-) 

I read yesterday that an intense 6 minute workout is actually better for you then a long slow cardiovascular workout.  When I say intense I mean INTENSE, so your heart is racing and you are gasping for air.  It's RUNNING and not jogging.  

Well, I started this yesterday and I'm walking around like Chris Farley today, sort of sore and stiff.  I think it was the 32 burpees!  You know, squat, kick your legs back, do a push up, jump back to a squat and stand up.  Repeat, 31 more times.   HOLY CRAP!!!  I can't move. 

Both cats thought I was having gravity problems. 


Iggy - who now weighs 12 pounds and is 10 months old decided to try to fly superman style.  I think he is STILL growing.


Hay Madison dudes-  Trixies Liqueur on East Wash has really transformed themselves into one of the better serious craft beer stores in Madison.  And speaking of Craft Beer looks like Madison is going to get a HopCat - an amazing craft beer bar.  A REALLY nice one on W Gorham. It will be the 5th Hopcat with top of the line state of the art tap system.  Pretty sweet. 


This February DJ and I are planning on going to Fish Creek for their winter festival extravaganza and I'm taking names and writing notes so Columbus can start planing for a WINTER FESTIVAL EXTRAVAGANZA. Fireworks, toilet seat tosses, Ice carving contests, ice bowling, winter disc golf, wheel the meat (I don't actually know what that is but it sounds intriguing) a fruit loop run . . . . 

I think a lot of people dislike winter because . . it's cold.   But if there is something to do we could really get people to come to Cbus and enjoy the cold.  The more the merrier. 


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

DJ said I would never sell this image . . . HA!!!!   


26-15 63.4% in the NBA.  Got 97 twitter followers and 46,837 hits on a forum.  I think I'm moving lines LOL 
OH - weather - Westerly flow is still in the cards.  Pretty average now but as NOAA says

Significant Pattern Change

The three month prediction is very below normal precipitation and average temps but the next 2 to 3 weeks we will be slowly going above normal and I suspect we will have a snow-less Christmas.

Westerly Flow - Bring it!!  

Have a Laurel and Hardy weekend!    

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