Monday, January 5, 2015

Back from the gone.

WHEW - I'm glad that is over - too many days off in a row.

News Years Resolution - BAM - DONE when I ate this!

And this - BAM - FU DIET!!

OH - and there are more of those little devils.


I wrote this article for the paper if you missed it. They probably fixed any typos - I really don't want to read it again!  Been there, done that. I bore myself.

Columbus was once again the scene of Last weekend an international film company, NueveCine was in Columbus filming scenes for their new short film “Last Chance”.  Written by Joseph Cahill and directed by Oswaldo Martínez this is a story of a young man struggling to not only adjust to society but is trying to find the truth after spending a decade in prison for murder that he allegedly committed when he was 15.  He is determined to solve this mystery but unsure how he will react to the truth.

NueveCine (Film for the Masses) is based in Guadalajara, Mexico and has filmed in Mexico, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Israel, Palestine and now Columbus. Developing short films, documentaries, television commercial and videos for corporations, NueveCine has a small full time crew and hire other filmmakers to supplement the team depending on the size of the production.

Why Columbus? Robin Lin is the International Accounts Manager and grew up in Columbus. She has experience as a filmmaking, directing, producing, and acting and has links to Sandye Adams of Hydro Street Brewing.  Along with a scene outside Fall River most of the film was shot inside Hydro Street Brewing.  The goal is to submit this film into international film festivals later in 2015.  Currently “Taming Hand” their latest release is making the rounds in festivals in Mexico, Europe and the United States.

The lead role, is played by Dylan Kleinschmidt who played Grant in the Short Thriller “Red Light” and also stars Robin Lin, Zoe Cahill, Nate Bjork, and Olivia Claire.

I got credit for the photo at least.


This is Sydney enjoying her first set of cool earrings


Went to Monks near Costco - It's no Monks Wisconsin Dells for sure.  Pretty good burgers but the grill is not season yet but otherwise - just a typical cookie cutter sports bar that looks like every other sports bar.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Entrance to the Sundance Auditorium 

Went to Sundance Theater for the 1st time and it has spoiled me for all other theaters - at least until the new one opens in the Sun Prairie Madison Metroplex.  

Awesome place but seriously - you could see movies for free if you really wanted too.  We went to see The Imitation Game about cracking the Enigma Code with the worlds very first programmable computer created by the father of computer science.  WHO KNEW!!

Very very very good exciting movie with a very very powerful ending.  5 stars.  I stars Sherlock.

and of course after the movie we passed a cupcake shop. We will get two . . . . but they look so GOOD, lets get 4.  What?  buy one more and get a free one???  YEA - LET'S GET SIX!!


NBA - 51-33  60.7%  yea baby!!


DRINKING GAME - take a shot every time you hear "ice bowl" this week!    


I have a few art fairs I have to tie my money up with for 6 months.  A new one at Hilldale in June and Spring Green.


OH - the big news is I have in my possession is the leading high tech citizen weather station.  I was HOPING I would get it Friday so I could get it on the roof.  BUT NOOOOO.  This will have a large internet signature whenever I can get on the roof again - it is SWEET with lots of add on instruments such as evapotranspiration, leaf wetness, soil moister, and solar radiation.

I might wait a week to get on the roof though!  LOL    


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