Friday, January 23, 2015

What a night

As you may know I have a thing for pissing people off and have had my share of run in's with authority from time to time.

Last night I had my monthly meeting with my home brew club (Sun Prairie Worthogs - mentioned in The Isthmus) and afterword we always  go to Eddies in with their 200 beers and this is after sampling 10 or 12 home brews.

Since we are award winning home brewers it seems we know a lot about beer and are privy to some pretty exotic hard to find brews.  Last night we were nearing the end of the night when we were offered a beer that has not yet been marketed, still in testing phase.  A Big Eddy Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Wine aged on sichuan peppercorns, Tin-Tsin Hot Peppers and Chinese  Hot Mustard Seed . . . . . 11.9% alcohol.

It was amazing and pretty much put us over the top.

ANYWAY - I had the common sense that I had to drive back to Columbus but I also knew that perhaps I was a little over the limit.  So I did something I have never done before. I took a taxi home.

Sure enough as I enter Columbus there is a sobriety check roadblock or something but since it was a taxi they waved it through and I counted my lucky stars and I arrived home safely.  What luck as I had never driven a taxi before.

I have no idea where I got it but it's in my garage at the moment and I'm not sure what to do with it. I suppose I should drive it back and look for my car.  If anyone wants to borrow it give me a call.



Have you ever seen or heard Aaron Rodgers girlfriend?  She was on Conon the other night and is bright, funny, articulate and beautiful (go figure).

You have probably seen her in movies and TV - she is in the new Johnny Depp film "Mortdecai" and was Angie in New Girl, Nicks stripper girlfriend and stars in The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels.


Napoli's in Columbus is open again under new ownership.  I hope their pizza is just as good.  However I also hope they get the ordering part down better.  I had 4 pizza orders in a row wrong.  NOT that I ever complained because even the random pizza I received was so good I did not want to complain.  In fact it was always fun to try new things.  

The last pizza I had delivered was exactly what I ordered . . . . and then they closed.


Speaking of my weather station.  During stormy weather it will up date the internet every 2.5 seconds and calm periods maybe every 10 minutes.  I can adjust it which is pretty nice/

There are two different address's you can go to. The first one has a very good 10 day forecast area with all sorts of weather stats. If you customize the 10 day forecast click on cloud cover.  It's sort of interesting

Columbus Weather

The second one has graphs that show what has happened in the past

Columbus Weather History

On both you can customize them all over the place.  Although when Charter is down nothing happens!  Like last night. I had alarms going off and all sorts of stuff.

Nuff said - I need to get some hang over pills!

Have a great weekend.

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