Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What the talking heads are not saying

I'm not sure why but I have not heard any of the talking weather heads say this on TV yet.

The high tomorrow of whatever they say (-3) will be AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!! a then dropping from there.  Noon time temps will be in the -10 range with a good amount of winds.  I would expect schools to be closed tomorrow in the area.

With our 1 inch of snow last night we have yet to have a 2 inch snow fall this year.  December had the 5th least amount of snow in recorded history with 0.1 inches. The first 4 spots had 0.0 inches. 

I hope everyone likes being able to park on the streets.

City Council tonight - seems like a month since the last one.  A lot of "time" and "noise" issues  on the agenda tonight.  All separate and all interrelated. The question is, does Columbus want to be a forgiving progressive laid back community or a restrictive unforgiving community.  Just sayin'.  I believe a 10:00 restriction on noise during the week is good. Weekends, maybe later. 


Oil fell below $50 a barrel and Russia is having food shortages. Can't buy cheese and sausages it seems and inflation is at 10%.  There is a run on banks as people are taking out all their money to buy things before the price goes up. 


Did you see that NASA retook images of the "Pillers of Creation"?  Originally shot in 1995 with basically a 2.5 megapixel camera the new images are high def. 

The weird thing is NASA does not believe they are there anymore being 6000 light years away.  There was a super nova near bye.  Check back in this blog in 7015.  

Something they figured out is that since 1995 this cluster has stretched, oh, about 1 billion kilometers.
That pillar on the left is 37,842,113,600,000 kilometers tall. Talk about a lot of gas!

Speaking of gas I'm reading "Killing Patton" by Bill O'Reilly, yet another big bag of gas but a good writer.

Seems Hitler had what is known as meteorism - uncontrolled farting! Now see?  If they taught stuff like that in schools wouldn't you think kids would be more interested?

The book is basically about the plot to assassinate George Patton which many in the American Government wanted to do it seems.  I guess being outspoken with no inner voice has it's problems (I've been looking over my shoulder for 8 months).


mmmmmmmmmmmmm  So good!

Cupcake courtesy of Gigi's Cupcake store in Hilldale 

We need a cupcake shop in Columbus!


A lot of people complain about the downtown and how the stores are empty.  What many people are not taking into account is that what makes Columbus unique, it's historical buildings also makes it very hard to get tenets.

It's the people that own the buildings that are holding us back.  They need to spend the money to upgrade their buildings to make them more inhabitable. These are old buildings with weird wiring and other oddities that a new business, who is already strapped with cash can't do. The one person that HAS spent money to make his buildings presentable, has full tenants. Go figure.

It's something many communities are doing to get business and industry.  They create an area that is move in ready. Has infrastructure ready to go.  Not unlike one of the reason the controversial Enerpac deal went through.  One of the bonuses that no one talks about is that BAM - we have infrastructure all in place going towards Enerpac.  If a business wants to build, there is no 8 months of paperwork, debate on sewer, water electric and so forth, it's there already. Ready to move in.

Same thing with downtown buildings. Don't wait for a business and then spend 6 months getting paper work and so forth ready. Get it ready NOW so when a small business is looking - It's move in ready!  Daaa!

BUT - oh . . . that's is risky, what if no one moves in and it's all a waste.   Smart, progressive thinkers win in this case.

Have a day!!


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