Thursday, February 5, 2015


So before yesterdays blog turned into an embarrassing pissing match with passive insults that somehow digressed into a one sided conversation of the evils of Enerpac (and I say all that with a smile). I was trying to explain that while many people have a passion for infrastructure in the name of roads,  I have a passion for infrastructure in the name of services such as Fire Department and Libraries.

And while I 100% agree that roads need to be an important part of infrastructure fixing I, personally, would have preferred to have a greater emphasis on positioning ourselves for future bonding for a Fire Station.  I want to stop talking and start doing. It always seems to be in the future. While some say we have ignored the roads, I say we have ignored the Fire Department much longer.  

I FEAR I came across aggressive and for that I apologize to anyone that took it that way (come on you know how I get)  but it was only my passion showing through.  All I MEANT to say was that I would have been more conservative on borrowing knowing that we have another round of borrowing coming up with James Street Reconstruction and knowing that we need major borrowing for a Fire Station and a Library. 

I was NOT saying we need to ignore streets. 

You see when we talk about a new Fire Station it's not just a box that holds trucks. It's the people that put their lives on the line for us and must work in a tinker toy size department.  Volunteers Firefighters make an embarrassingly small amount of money for what they do. They love Columbus so much they risk their lives for us and they deserve a much bigger and safer department.  

In the last few days volunteers have responded to things no human should have to see that has left a few of them vomiting in front yards.  We can't reward them with pay but they deserve a better place to work. 

That is why I let my passion take control of my keyboard.  I feel it's time to stop talking about it and we need to start planning on ways for major bonding in the future.  My PERSONAL opinion was that just because we COULD borrow a lot of money cheap does not mean we SHOULD borrow a lot of money cheap.  

Fix the roads, keep moving forward but I feel there are too many eggs in one basket. That's all. No big deal. Just my opinion.  The difference in opinion was only $400,000 anyway.


With that out of the way

I took this standing on the newly shoveled F&M Bank sidewalk. Not sure who the people that were shoveling were but high five to the F&M Bank.

Click to enlarge
    And this was a little down the block.


One more thing - it seems Columbus has an image problem and people like to talk about how we are an empty dying town with business closing left and right.  True, the Cardinal Ale House closed (the city has absolutely zero money in that property) but there are so many good things happening.

Motoclassico will open soon on James Street, the Governor Lewis Mansion which has been mostly empty for years will soon become a bonafide business/tourist attraction bringing more people to town, Napolis opened again, The Firemans Tap I believe was purchased, the pavilion, thanks to Mike Thom and HLPC will become ADA accessible, the current Columbus water tower will have a beautiful new look for the first time since 45 years, James Street and the downtown will have a new beautiful streetscape, I guess I have to mention a new grocery store and Anytime Fitness is opening in spring and  need I mention 151/73 hospital interchange being fixed this year plus a few million in road work in the next few years. The Hospital is adding a huge huge addition and throw in homes are being built all over the place.

It's not like Columbus is stagnant.  This train s starting to roll let's not take our foot off the peddle.
OK - I'm worn out trying to be politically correct. Have a great Thursday.



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