Thursday, March 5, 2015

Analysis Paralysis - Typical Government

Why make a decision today when you can just keep putting it off until later over and over and over like something will magically change.  Get'r done!

I felt it was wise to stay away from the keyboard for a little while as I might express my thoughts and THAT is never a good thing. My fingers have no filter.


I was reading about McDonalds and how they are thinking of dumping the Big Mac because no one buys it anymore.  They were also talking about getting rid of the Quarter Cheese.  WELL, of course that got me hankering for a Quarter Cheese and since I had not been to McDonalds for a long time except for breakfast and their "eggs" (chicken egg with a dash of sodium acid pyrophosphate, a sprinkle of citric acid and a dose of monosodium phosphate) I decided to go.

CHAOS !!  The power or something was out and people were running around and orders being barked and the grills were down . . . it was crazy.  I got a free meal out of it though for waiting.  Get your Big Mac while you can!


Seems America has an oil problem. TOO MUCH!  In fact with exports and consumption we are producing 1 million barrels a day in excess and running out places to store it.  In fact we will be out of storage by late April and one account said we will see prices drop DRASTICALLY to maybe $20 a barrel.  Well, I won't hold my breath but I would bet we see another round of gas price drops


Grackle - not a crow
I love my crows and feed them under my feeder. There is a story about a girl who befriended a murder of crows and now they bring her gifts and actually returned a lens cover that she had lost when she was taking photos of them.

Seattle Girl Befriends Neighborhood Crows, Making Bird Lovers Everywhere Jealous

I wonder if I should put a tray out for some gifts!


These profitable companies don't pay taxes. SWEET DEAL

Goodyear Tire
TE Connectivity
Royal Caribbean
Wynn Resorts
Darden Restaurants
U.S. FirstEnergy
Cabot Oil


Get this  3.3 million people watched Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election speech on Fox News.  Of that 3.3 million only 550,000 were under 54.


THANK YOU Ringling Brothers.  They have decided to end their elephant acts because of public pressure and the fact that many cities now have anti-circus / anti-elephant ordinances.


The upside of Right to Work.

People complain that snow storms hurt the economy but then you have the snow plow companies that rake in the money.  Same with "Right to Work".  Yea it will hurt the economy but there is always a bright side, bankruptcy lawyers are licking their chops!  Right to get MORE Work for personal bankruptcy lawyers.

Have you noticed that there were no business owners testifying in favor of "Right to Work" . . . . EXCEPT personal bankruptcy lawyers.  Wisconsin was 12th in the nation last year in personal bankruptcy but we can do better!  Minnesota and their "liberal"  government?  31st!  Not even close!

9 of the top 12 states in personal bankruptcy are "Right to Work" states. What causes this?  Wages go down in "Right to Work" states.  Helps business while hurting employees!

OH - oddly those same 12 states have also decided to not take federal money for Affordable Health care so you can't totally blame "Right to Work".

Wisconsin Is Open For Bankruptcy.

Let's not HELP people having financial problems, lets make it harder for citizens and small business with stiffer rules. Let's make government act like the "unforgiving 1%" and only concerned with money and not people.  If it works for the Koch Brothers it must be good!

Note - "unforgiving 1%" is just a saying - I know a few 1 percenters and they are really nice people - I wish I was one of them.

Oh - sorry - got all political - I still get pissed that my wife is forced to work 45 hours week for the government and was forced to work on Halloween, one of her favorite holidays.  I have angst!