Friday, March 20, 2015

Cranky Old Man week is almost over

Now that I have calmed down - I'm all good!  
HA - after 3 games in the NCAA tournament 0.7% of people with who filled out brackets are still perfect.


Quickie today as I have to fly to Madison and help brew beer at  One Barrel Brewing. My home Brew clubs winner Hannah won homebrewer of the year and "we" will brew a Belgium Pale Ale (not my favorite style at all) this morning.  Not sure what the date will be when it goes on sale.  I say "we" because One Barrel knows the process of their equipment.

There is another brewery in the works in Sun Prairie that I'm a little involved with - a 4 barrel system that is being worked on by our home brew club.  Pretty big affair in the works.  


Weather - looking like a good size rain coming in Tuesday. More then 1/2 at the moment. 


I deleted a few blog posts, didn't read the comments but I'm sure they were votes of confidence. LOL I agree with 95% of what goes on in City Government and for the most part am very happy with how our city is being run and the direction we are moving.  Confidence is high.  Moving on.  I said my piece.  The past is the past. I must live with the results. 

It's not like I have never railed on City Government before right? I've been complaining for 7 years. I think the BEST advice is to just ignore me, don't egg me on! 


OH - I saw a scene the other night in Columbus that has stuck in my brain as a Norman Rockwell moment.  I was driving through town, it was dark and two uniformed police officers were walking down the sidewalk.  For some reason that was so awesome cool looking moment. I almost stopped. Police are getting such a bad rap across the country because of a few bad apples and this was such a photo moment my brain clicked a photo. 


Go Badgers, Go East High Purgholders (sp??)  Go Fort Atkinson (oops - didn't make it).