Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Swing and a miss on THAT storm

Well - this pinwheel of a storm has confounded forecasters from the very beginning with it's wobble and now we find it is moving so fast it's falling apart.  

The GOOD news is that I was worried that if we received a good amount of snow the extended forecasts would be cooler then anticipated. White snow and sun act like the vaporizers in Las Vegas by cooling off air temperature and soaking up energy, but that ain't going to happen.  Next week will be awesome. 

Sun sun sun sun with highs in the upper 40's and maybe a 50 or two and it's all starting Friday. Middle teens for highs Wednesday and Thursday and then great weather for at LEAST a week. 

Check out this video from NASA - pretty sweet.



There was a comedy on Sunday night called "Last Man on Earth" and we finally watched it last night. I had somewhat low expectations even though the star was a guy I liked on SNL.  The previews were OK but how long can they keep it up.

I really couldn't expect myself to laugh on a single-camera one man comedy show as much as i did on this one . . .
The chemistry and the tension between "Phil Miller" and "Carol " is just astonishing and worth watching.
"So not funny and so typical of a society in serious decline under the stewardship of the cancer known as LIBERALISM."
I guess someone has issues. But wait - aren't we under the stewardship of CONSERVATISM?

WELL - seems they were not telling the entire story and keeping the REAL plot a secret.   It was very very funny. At least the 1st two episodes.  Will Forte is NOT the last man on earth and his cohort is hilarious. Not seen yet is one of my favorite actors January Jones from Mad Men.  I've seen January Jones on Letterman and she is a riot!!  You see these actors in serious roles and then find out they are comedians!!!


Had to laugh at Survivor.  This year they have 3 tribes.  White collar, Blue Collar and No Collar.  The very first challenge was 2 people from each separate tribe had to go on a special mission.  The mission was to get rice.  But they had a decision.  Get a small amount of rice BUT get a secrete clue (get out of jail free basically for non-viewers) OR a large amount of rice and no clue.

NO Collar - was a no brainer - take the BIG bag of rice (we are all in this together and our aura match).

Blue collar talked about deceiving their tribe but "not yet, too early" and took the big bag.

White Collar - not even a thought about it - deceive the tribe and make up some stupid lie and take the small bag.

White collar comes back with a stupid lie and everybody see's they are lying BUT say they would do the same thing.  LOL  But the funny part was White Collar, instead of chopping down palms and trying to make a shelter or trying to build a fire and so forth gather around and makes lists of things that need to be done and project plans and schedules to do things . . . without ever actually doing anything.


The city is in talks with the garbage people to offer bins for picking up garbage. This will be at no expense to the OR the citizens. Just talks at the moment.


Seems seniors will have to pay an extra $800 for healthcare under the Walkers budget (but the Wisconsin economy is doing fine).  Also it looks like the city might lose control over property assessments and will be forced to give control to the county.  So if you have a complaint "we" can't fix it - you will need to go to the county.  Once again screwing cities.

OH - I have heard a complain about so much oil being spread around the U.S. by rail now. The Keystone Pipeline has been mentioned.  If rail is going to be used more and more as the most efficient vehicle for hauling goods and Columbus being a major rail corridor - it's really to bad Walker turned down $100 million for fixing up our rails.  We don't want that free Federal Money. Give it to Minnesota instead.  Odd how Minnesota's economy with it's "liberal" governor is just BOOMING while Wisconsin stagnates.  SORRY SORRY!  

Sentry is suppose to open March 26th.  The one thing I hope is that, like Pic-N-Save, I hope they decide to hire people with disabilities. I will ALWAYS shop at stores that help special needs individuals find employment.


There is a weird rock following earth around called 3753 Cruithne.  Sort of a 2nd moon if you want to get technical and it's being called a quasi-orbital satellite. It wobbles all over the place and if it struck earth it would be an extinction-level event but we have 2,750 years before it comes closest and if earth survives that event it will have an encounter with Venus in 8,000 years and "go away".


I hope no one had stock in Lumber Liquidators LOL - Shares dropped 25% after the 60 Minutes report!  OUCH!!


This is the worst part of the year for pictures of  . . . anything.  Every year I go though this "I'm in a slump" mode. I just can't get motivated.

The morning snuggle fest around my heater.  English IPA in the background.

Whatever.  have a good day!