Wednesday, April 29, 2015

American Pickers

A scout for American Pickers will visit Columbus in the coming weeks to visit an establishment (not the Antique Mall or any antique store).  Just sayin'. It's not like these guys ACTUALLY "find" things out of the blue, they have a clue.  Sort of like House Hunters does not really decide on 3 house.   

I'm a fan of non-scripted shows but they are not "reality" except Big Brothers (The greatest "game theory" show in the world) Survivor and Amazing Race.  

From the - The Maryland Crime Investigating Commission Report April 11, 1968

 [S]ocial and economic conditions in the looted areas constituted a clear pattern of severe disadvantage for Negroes compared with whites... Our investigation arrives at the clear conclusion that the riot in Baltimore must be attributed to two elements -- 'white racism' and economic oppression of the Negro. It is impossible to give specific weights to each, but together they gave clear cause for many of the ghetto residents to riot.

hmmmmmm - seems like history is repeating itself. 

DJ and I watched a show on PBS last night called "The Day the 60's Ended".  We were multi tasking when it started but within 10 minutes we were glued to the hour long show.  

It was based around the Kent State shootings in 1970 and had interviews from both sides, the Natl Guard and the students and there were many "I didn't know that" moments.  What surprised us was how 58% of Americans were siding with the Nat'l Guard.  In fact many many people were saying "They should have shot them all".    HOLY CRAP ARE YOU SERIOUS? 

Yea - Kent State was very very violent leading up to the shootings with buildings being burned down and so forth which I did not know.  Firefighters having their hoses cut so fires could not be put out. WHO KNEW.   

While the show centers around Kent State it also had the lead up to the protest march's with a few scenes of Madison (I was looking for myself but did not see me) and what the troops were thinking in Cambodia.  

Nixon - what a freaking nut job! But, he used the protests to his advantage and won. 


Speaking of politics.  Bernie Sanders will announce he is running for President against Hillary.  THAT is a guy I can back! 


I was sending photos of the popcorn cart event down to Glenview and the Wagner Farm last night and had fun with this one. 
    Weird thing is I never took a full frontal shot.  I kept waiting for people to drift away and then I seemed to have drifted away. 

A TON of economic news coming out today and the 1st bit of news is horrible. The economy sucked so far in 2015.  Disappointing everybody.  HOWEVER - this will put a lot of pressure on the Fed to not do anything like increasing interest rates. 

A decline in business spending is basically the decline in energy companies not spending money because of the gas prices. The low gas price is having a trickle down effect in the economy. You would think that low gas prices mean people have more money.  Nope - low gas means people are just driving more, not spending it of toys and so forth, just on more gas.

Other BIG news is coming this afternoon when the fed make their statement.


OH - if you have a wrist tattoo, don't buy a Apple Watch.  Seems wrist tattoos and Apple do not play well together. Something about infrared sensors on the back of the watch is blocked by the tats!


A whole lotta people are talking about how freakishly clear Lake Michigan is at the moment! The Coast Guard is spotting hundreds of sunken ships never seen before.  There are over 6000 ships lost and 1500 have been found but this week they are seeing many many never seen before.


The NFL will no longer be a non-profit entity and will no longer get government tax breaks!  WTF???    

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