Thursday, April 30, 2015

Columbus Water and . . . . . . . . ?

Big news coming out today from Tesla.  Their new batteries that, from what I have heard the Energy Industry is not excited about.

A friend of mine works at a power company and a few months ago expressed pretty big concerns about this announcement.

When you use electricity you are paying the going rate at that time.  Not all electricity costs the same throughout the day.  Juice at 3AM is MUCH less expensive then 3PM.

Tesla makes electric cars BUT, the battery is the big thing and they have "perfected" (not really but its a good word) the battery in several ways.

1. you can buy a battery for your house for a few thousand dollars and cut the cord for 2 or 3 years, never buying electricity from a energy company.

2. If you have solar power that battery will charge and when the sun is not out you can use THAT power instead of power company power.

3. You can charge the battery with cheap 3AM juice and use it when the juice is more expensive.

And this is just home batteries, they have bigger industry batteries also.

See why power companies are a little worried? When there is a lot of solar being used power companies have a hard time keeping the grid balanced.  With solar panels getting cheaper by the day and now with powerful batteries capable of storing unused power the possibility of more and more people living off the grip is expanding.  Regulated monopolies will be in competition with their own customers.  This announcement is a big deal energy-wise and might change the way we get power in the near future.

What an amazing time we live in.  Oil everywhere and now this!  I would LOVE to be around in 50 years.  I don't care what the doomsayers are whining about,  The future looks great.  I remember back in the 70s when people said we would never make it to 2000.


I realized last night I'm reading 3 books about 3 different wars.

One book about the Culper spy ring in the Revolutionary War, one about a civil war battle about the Battle for the Crater, an amazing true story about digging a tunnel under a fortress in the final months (The Germans used this same idea in WWII with the same FUBR results, they did not learn the lessons  . . or get the the end of the book I guess** LOL) and the last, Killing Patton about the strange death of George Patton.

Patton could have become like Benedict Arnold!   Arnold was brilliant and was totally screwed over by the American Military which was why he changed sides.  Pretty much like Patton but he was killed by a freak "accident".

I mention all this because I see today was the day Adolph Hitler commented suicide by ingesting cyanide AND then shooting himself in the head (just in case one didn't work I guess).  I feel sorry for his dog who had no choice.  

** GREAT idea that would have worked but the Generals in charge blew it at the last minute. Instead of using a black regiment who had been practicing the charge into the crater for a month and were totally prepared, they decided that a untested white regiment would do better.  It was a horrific, gruesome disaster. 3,798 Union casualties. General Burnside never again commended troops.

The Germans did the same exact thing!  Weird.

WOW - Is America is nearing full employment?  Weekly jobless claims plunged this morning, MUCH more then expected and we are at a 15 year low.  Wages are also rising which means the amount of jobs are tightening up. Private wages jumped 2.8% this past year.


News article that says "In 10 years I doubt anyone under 50 will be watching linear TV".   Well, I
guess I better look for a new dial.

I watched the series finale' of "Justified" and THAT is why TV was invented.  I can't think of a better finale than that one and Justified was just a fantastic show.  A little violent but a great great story from Harlan County Kentucky, moon shining, drugs and a modern cowboy cop.  6 seasons and a very satisfying ending.

Almost like a Coen Brothers movie with rich characters. Highly entertaining.  So many cameo appearances by other first rate actors. Great show.  On Netflix.  Check it out!


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