Friday, April 10, 2015


I did not know that the original meaning of "balderdash" was something that is "a frothy liquid".


DJ is reading a book that talks about the orphan trains in America.  Seems between 1859 and 1929 America would filled trains with orphans (about 250,000) and just ship them to the midwest for anybody to have.  Once arriving into the "midwest" they were just pushed off the train and displayed on a stage for inspection. Many became indentured servants.


Weather - See that blip just above "Precip"?  That was the downpour about 6:30 last night.  If you thought that was a heavy one check out yesterday morning deluge.  The green line is how heavy the rain was for that time period. That was about 1/2 inch per hour which is pretty heavy.

The rate yesterday morning was 3.87 inches per hour.

Total rain yesterday 12 to 12 was 3.06 inches.  My auto gauge under reports a little compared to my physical rain gauge.

Total rain

Monday 0.12 inches
Tuesday 0.78
Wednesday 0.47
Thursday 3.06

Total 4.43 inches 

I'm glad to see Columbus waste water basically agrees.  Columbus recieved more rain then most communities in the area.

We have about a 50% chance for a little shower later this afternoon and clear sailing tomorrow with no clouds and a high of 63. Should be in the upper 60s all next week. Couple little systems flying by Sun/Mon and Thu/Fri


Seven players from Kentucky will be in the NBA draft this next season.

AT&T has to pay a 25 million dollar fine as employees sold 279,000 customers private information to other companies on 3 occasions.  oops!!


The Columbus water tower will be painted this summer starting early July. White and a royal blue under belly and the logo something like on the right.  Should take a month. At the same time me and a buddy of mine will fill the cracks in all the rocks with about 3 cubic yards of soil and plant a drought tolerant, anti weed, very pretty, sedum  (Dragons Blood?) in every crack which will look a lot better then garbage and weeds in the cracks now.

The sedum is coming from all of my rocks around my house that we have been propagating for the last 7 years and have a lot of experience with.  Confidence is high.


Have a great weekend