Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wagner Farm and the Popcorn Cart #2

I'M FREEZING - I'm sitting in my room and my hands are frozen!!   This sucks. The slow slow warm-up begins tomorrow.  Nothing to get excited about except it's not THIS. 

There were 10 of us that drove to Glenview ILL yesterday to visit the Historic Wagner Farm which is a 19 acre 1920s-30s farm in the middle of the Metro Chicago conglomerate.  A working farm where kids from the city can come and see what a cow looks like and actually milk one and see all the things farms do.  Quit extensive actually and a very very cool place. 

We were down there because they had purchased a popcorn cart which happens to be the same one that was in Columbus and critically injured the 15 year old who's name I don't remember because I left my press guide in the truck (booo!).  And I find out that child was a classmate of Alice Schmidt.  

The people in Glenview purchased the old unknown cart and started to refurbish it and when doing extensive research found the Columbus connection.  What we attended was the coming out party of a 1.5 year process involving $40,000 and they were pretty darn proud of their popcorn cart.  About 70 people attended the celebration and our delegation was very welcomed. 

In fact there is yet more excitement in the works as there is a good chance the ILL popcorn cart people will bring the sister up to Columbus for the 4th of July Celebration to sell popcorn and we will transfer the plates on our cart to the REAL owner of those plates.    TOGETHER AGAIN! 

iPhone 180 degree pano of the event. 


You will say why all the excitement over a popcorn cart?  Well ,there are only 10 left in the country and they were a pretty big deal at the time. They are a part of Columbus history.  George Hasey purchased his first cart, a Dunbar Wagon in 1928 for $1650 which in today's money is about $22,000.

I'm not going to go into the whole history and save that for Alice who is writing an article for a magazine and maybe the newspaper. 

Here is Alice being interviewed by a reporter from the Chicago Tribune. 

I'm still going through all the photos I took. Not a lot of breathing taking snapshots actually!  Just photos of the event. 

All in all a fine event and people really enjoyed the camaraderie of working together for one goal, keeping history alive.    


I won't bring you down about speaking of the Brewers! 

Gotta run.