Thursday, May 7, 2015

One Putt Twelve

Speaking of L.Ron Hubbard!  His science fiction book "Battlefield Earth" is probably the best Sci Fi book I have ever read. Seriously!  1008 pages of excitement.  I might have to read it again, it's been a decade.
"Over 1,000 pages of thrills, spills, vicious aliens and noble humans. I found Battlefield Earth un-put-downable." —Neil Gaiman

Nothing to report.  I had what I consider one of the best rounds of golf in my life . . . . sort of.  Three pars and a birdie.  Almost 2 and 2 as one birdie attempt came up 3 inches short.  Of course the other 5 holes were a disaster but it was my 1st round of the year and really - the first time I laid hands on my putter (HEY - get your minds out of the gutter) I had a 6 foot down hill putt for a par that sailed past by another 6 feet.  


We have a barn swallow in our bird house next to the house.  They make this alien sounding noise.  Little babies are inside.


It's going to get crazy windy today - don't put your deck umbrellas up!   I think a lot of the rain will hold off until Sunday.


Jenny now works for the James T Lewis Manson as they get closer for going "live"  - Follow this link  The website is still under construction and things will change but there are place holders.

One idea is that if/when this really takes off (there is a HUGE call for wedding reception venues) perhaps a wedding supply type business will open downtown.

I see AAA is getting ready to open and there will be another new business opening in September that will bring a younger (or young at heart) crowd to the downtown area.

Did I mention that the bowling alley was sold to . . . . somebody?


The sound side of the exits on the 151/73 construction interchange will be closed starting next week I believe.  You will need to find an alternate route to get onto 151 south.

My suggestion of instead of installing 32 stop signs around town we just put in 12 roundabouts did not go over well.  I WAS KIDDING!  I actually LOVE roundabouts. They are so much better safer and easier then stop signs . . .but not great in side a city. Far far far less accidents.  But people resist change.  People did not like dial phones either .

I'm bottling my One Putt Twelve IPA today in honor of my golfing buddy who has something like a 5 handicap but had a poor opening hole in a tournament.


Have a great Thursday.

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