Friday, May 22, 2015

Survivor and medical marijuana

Getting some passive blow back about the Water Tower having "Columbus Water & Light" on the side of the tower.  My answer was "Well, it IS their tower, not the cities tower".  Does is really matter?

It's not like it says "Columbus, brought to you by Columbus Water and Light"  "Weight Watchers Columbus" , "Waste Management Columbus"  

The word "Columbus" will be LARGE.

As you all know I have applied for the show Survivor a few times and the season 30 final' was great.  In fact according to Graph TV this was the best Survivor ever. 

One of the jury final speech's will go down as one of the best ever after Susan's Hawks season one speech. 


 Another interesting thing happened in the reunion show.  Dan (the guy with the BIG beard) was a total ass who cut down woman ALL THE TIME (even though he said he didn't).  But after he was voted off the show he was going after the Survivor producers about "taking things out of context".

WELL - that did not sit well because Survivor does not bend the facts at all so they went after Dan publicly and called him out and showed the non-edited material and showed the world that he is, in fact, an ass.  Telling someone their mother is a whore was NOT taken out of context and it was NOT a joke among other jokes.

I only watch 3 non-scripted shows.  Amazing Race which is more travel adventure.  Survivor which is watching people spend 39 days of horrific conditions and actually surviving AND playing the game (you only get 1/2 a cup of rice a day along with anything you can find along the way)  and now in June the best strategy game in the world Big Brother which is like Survivor indoors.

If you have ever played a strategy board game in your life you really need to watch Big Brother. It seems weird at first but after a few days in the house people forget about the hidden cameras and the game begins.  Serious human strategy game play and once you see 3 shows and see how the personalities are interacting you will be hooked.


I was watching a morning show yesterday and a segment came on about a new radio station in Colorado.  K-HIGH.   The station switched from sports talk station to an all marijuana talk station.  Here is the kicker, the station is owned by a far right winger.

They asked him about this and he said he would have never ever thought in a million years he would do this.  The question was about the profits?  He said, yes profits are extreme but that was not why he switched.

It seems his daughter had some sort of serious health problems.  The doctors, as a last resort had her try medical marijuana and he said within 12 hours she had shown a huge HUGE improvement. This completely changed his views.

My 1st wife had osteogenesis imperfecta a form of degenerative bone disease where you are in pain 24/7 every day of your life.  We tried everything to ease the pain and the only thing that worked and brought ANY reduction in pain was medical marijuana.

My dad died of lung cancer. You die gagging on your own phlegm and you spend the last 4 months of your life gasping for one more breath. Before he went to the hospital never to return home the only thing that helped his pain and vomiting from chemo was medical marijuana.

The use of medical marijuana is endorsed by among many others are

The American Medical Association,
The American College of Physicians – America's second largest physicians group
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – America's second largest cancer charity

I'm not saying marijuana should be legalized but I do say that AT LEAST people should be open the the thought that there is room in our culture to have a more serious look into Wisconsin becoming a Legal Medical Marijuana State along with 24 states.  From my personal experience with loved ones it DOES work.

OH - the station is K-HIGH  I believe. You can find it on the internet if you are not in Colorado.

Nuff said.

Weather - we have a really dry air mass over us which will really cool things off tonight. Tomorrow there will be a small trough moving our way that might give us a tiny shower but nothing to get excited. More cloud trough then anything else.  Air is too dry for much else. Clouds  will keep the temps lower then they could be.  

Sunday the jet stream aims everything at us with several rounds of showers during the day.
Nice and warm next week, 80s Wednesday and Thursday, chance of T-Storms an and off.

Have a GREAT 3 day weekend.