Monday, May 18, 2015

What? is Where?

Where in the world is Napoleon's penis?  It's in New Jersey!!   WHO KNEW!!!

In 1821 a doctor cut it off as part of an autopsy.  The next time it was seen was in 1927, when FOR SOME REASON, it was on display in Manhattan.   In 1977 a urologist purchased it and stored it under his bed for 30 years until he passed away. His daughter, obviously excited to now be in charge of Napoleon's penis has it for sale.  So far $100,000 is the best offer.  

I wonder if it's on Amazon! 

Yesterday - missed the rain by 10 miles.  Madison had between 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches of rain. Cloud cover, the hardest thing for meteorologists to predict, kept temps low and steady for us and the storms died within miles of Columbus.  We could see the rain from our house but did not get a drop, 

However - at 3:14pm the temperature was 79.5 and at 3:29pm the temperature dropped to 71.7

This week looks like a carbon copy of last week.  Cold tomorrow and warming up by the weekend.  Saturday looks good and in the 70s and a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday.


The aging Well #1 at the Columbus Water Works.  This was built around the start of WWII and is now getting on in age. 
There was a system check up 10 years ago and now the question is should we spend $20k-ish on another 10 year check up.  Some say that it's fine and if it fails we have another well that will cover the Columbus water needs. . . . unless there is a fire and then it will be a little stressed.  

HOWEVER - If it fails we will have a few years to figure it out.

But some say that since wells age about the same as humans an 80 year old well should have a 10 year check up even if it does not NEED it.  At least we would know that it is doing well.  

Then the question is the actual building. As you can see it's now basically a large shell that needs to be heated (a little) since there are no offices in it anymore.

Should W&L spend money to fix the building? Even if the well only lasts another 20 years?  And then there is the problem of IF we finally move away from THIS well, should Columbus continue to be in the water softening business?  

One reason our water costs more is because it is soft water. Should that continue?  OK OK - I've mentioned that before - sorry.  Well #1 has been a talking point for a while now at meeting.

I say do the study, then we know!! 


Don't hold your breath to have Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the Boston bomber put to death.  The average wait time is 15 years.  

Zappo's - incredible company.  My wife ordered shoes on a Sunday night and they were on our doorstep Monday at 1:00.  WHAT?   But here is a cool thing.   Their business model is so concerned with making sure all workers are happy, if you get a job at Zappos and after the 1st week you decide you do not like the job . . .they will give you $2000 to quit. 

They do not want unhappy employees! 


I was out measuring more areas on the Firemans Disc Golf Course yesterday and there was a LARGE branch down on top of the benches next to the playground!  YIKES.  

I'm creating some images for Disc Golf Course Review.

Hole #5 Fireman's Park  OOPS - no "e' on elephant!  It's a french elephante'
Not sure if the elephant/bear thing is a local urban legend but . . it's a good story anyway. 

Hole #4
What a beautiful park we have.  

Hole #6
Got my 1st Hole in One on this last year. DPW employees saw it (or me screaming like a little girl).

There were 7 players on the course Saturday afternoon.   I want to create a Facebook page for the course but am not sure if this is something I can do since it's a Muni Course (??) Can I make a Facebook page for a city park?  

My idea is that we could have times when the park is not open for golf because of carnivals, and events.  Weddings can be a problem also with cars so we could post times when the park might have issues.  Thinking out loud! 


saw first humming bird at our feeder yesterday.  There have been reports of a Orioles in the area. 

Have a great day.