Monday, June 1, 2015

Tailgate Survivor

Slightly disappointed this morning Friday actually) as my One Putt Twelve IPA did not fair well in the Double IPA competition.  Of course since it was a single IPA that had a few points taken off (did not have time to make a double) but, it was one of my lowest rated beers to day.

Overbalanced Malt
Low Hop
slight diacytle
strong piney mono-hop note
over sweet
Good carbonation
under attenuated
Slight butter
tight hoppeness

Well - I tasted it a week later and it's WORSE.  blah

I asked a question on Facebook

Any car people out there? I have a 2003 Subaru Outback Limited with 223,000 miles on it - runs like a charm, body is almost perfect, Major tune up 3 years ago runs perfect - No AC.
The question is - can I get 20 bucks on a trade in? What could I ask on the open market? Any idea at all?
WELL - I was not expecting to be inundated with requests to buy the car.  Did they see the "223,000 miles"?    We were just thinking of upgrading to a 2014 Outback but they are still in the $28,000 range and a little pricey!    blah


Went to the brewer game with balderdash Saturday and the weather there was MUCH worse then Columbus.   47 degrees and a driving sideways rain with 20mph winds.  Seriously, you could not get much worse conditions to tailgate for 3 hours.

In our row in the Molitor parking lot, the big tailgate parking lot there were 4 groups IN OUR ROW that set up or attempted set up and FAIL.  We Outlasted them.  We did it and all huddled under a 10x10 foot roof.  This is us.

 We actually took turns as there was not enough room for 18 people under one canopy.  WHAT FUN!

HOWEVER - I decided to take a photo of EVERY tailgate party in the parking lot and I plan on putting this on facebook to see if I can find ANYONE of these people.  I THINK if you click on the image it will enlarge.

Last full row on the bottom - middle group - THAT was the party group! I'm not even sure if they knew it was raining.

4th Row - far left - they were in their own hell and I believe I was dead to them. The rest were all extremely proud when I screamed TAILGATE SURVIVORS!.

BTW - 15 years ago last night was the very first episode of Survivor, Season 1 Episode 1.  I have never missed an episode in 30 season.


I'm going to be in the Waunakee Parade of Homes again this year and one of the displays will be this one.

The combined images are going on a wall at the new UW Hospital somewhere,  3x8 feet approximately from what I was told.

But I've been wanting to do a quadtych but never had a buyer so this is an opportunity. A few months ago I decided to advertise this by making double sided postcards that people could have with info on the back and the images on the front.

Friday I received another set of them

hmmmmmmm - something does not seem exactly right!  what could it be . . .hmmmmmmm

WAIT - that's not an owl sitting in a tree that I missed for the past year is it?  NO - It's AN OWL!

So I get nothing on the back of these cards . . . and an owl that is not mine.   FAIL!!

Another project I'm working on is for a business on the Square in Madison

   I have a cool program where if you send me a photo of your wall with something measured near the wall I can put the images in correct ratio on that wall so you can see what it would look like.

BTW - I am ALWAYS looking for cool empty wall rooms for images that I can put up. If you have a room I would love to take a photo of it (or you can so I can use it).

For instance - a larger pano seems to large

and going smaller seems odd.


73/151 south side ramps will be closed starting Thursday for ABOUT 3 weeks.  Thanks to the City Admin they will NOT be closed over the 4th of July as they were planning.

Room Tax laws be a changing.  From Patrick

The Legislative Joint Finance Committee is rolling through their work on the 2015-17 State Budget and yesterday they approved an insertion into the budget that would change the rules for the use of Room Tax dollars.  By my review of the analysis of the changes by the League, I don’t think the new rules will be too significant in terms of how to use room tax dollars – it calls for communities to dedicate 70% of room tax collected on tourism (which we all know we try to do).  Some communities have over the years grabbed the room tax and put it into general fund expenses (Madison uses it for plowing streets in winter) BAD MADISON! The bigger issue for Columbus is the requirement that a separate Tourism Commission be created to decide how to spend the funds.  What a “commission” means is up in the air at this point.  Of course, none of this will become law until the budget is passed with this provision contained within it.  The JFC vote was close (9-7) and party lines weren’t a huge issue.

Speaking of the budget - you understand why Gov Walker keeps saying he will not declare to run until AFTER the budget is passed.  It's because all these trips to Israel and the country are being paid for by Wisconsin citizens.  Once the budget is passed it's all on him then.  Not you and me.

  OK - NOW I have to get going!!

Have a day.


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