Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trump and the Zombies!

In other news that passed the first round of voting but have not been finalized.

There was talk in the Council of the Whole about allowing a new ordinance to allow chickens in Columbus.  Four chickens, no roosters, no slaughtering of said chickens and all sorts of regulations to go along with chickens.  They would not be counted as pets and could not be used as a service chicken.  

This passed the first muster and details are being tweaked.  

I have friends in Madison with chickens and the eggs are wonderful.  Very colorful and tasty.


There is also talk about garbage bins. The current plan is to have each household have TWO 95 gallon bins. One for a bi-weekly pickup of recycle materials and one for a weekly pick-up of garbage. 

From my personal experience in Madison a 95 gallon bin for weekly garbage is ridiculous and I do not know of one community in the area that has two 95s.  Windsor balked at this and once they had two 95's there was so much complaining they were forced to have a one time switch out to a smaller 65 gallon bin which takes up less space.  In Madison we had a choice. 

These will be free to each household.  IS that dude standing on the cement things? 


The Police Station might be installing a prescription drug drop in their station where you can toss your old prescription drugs away.  There was some talk of a illegal drug drop box but . . . . . for some reason I can't see this getting a lot of use.  


OK - Donald Trump is running for President.  Here is something weird.  His Facebook page has 1.6 million followers, yet only 42% of those followers are American.  The other 48% come from countries that are the hub of "like farms".  You can BUY friends for as little as $120 a year.  These zombies have accounts and are paid to "like" you. 

I know this because I have 329 "friends" and they are costing me a fortune.  


The US Open is this week and Never has there been a course like this!  It's like playing on a professional Yogi Bear putting green where you can hit a perfect putt and it will end up 120 feet past the hole.  Sort of a Whistling Straits on steroids. 

Each day a hole can be completely different from day to day. Should be exciting.

Nine Springs Golf course in Fitchburg is the first course to have disc golf at the same time.  You can rent a cart and so forth.  $5 a round. 

OJK - gotta run.