Monday, July 27, 2015


Got home from Indianapolis late last night and noticed a LOT of mosquitoes!  How unfortunate. 

No real blog as I'm decompressing from a whirlwind of 5 days of activity from EAA to the USS Indianapolis Reunion. 

One thing - the world will hear a LOT about the USS Indianapolis next year from two major motion pictures to an HBO series and a huge National Geographic TV special/magazine combination that will combine Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Navy and two other International groups setting out to find the Indy which lays in one of the deepest part of the ocean.

I also met a group from Fall River that was attending the USS Indianapolis Reunion.  


Mel and a small banner at the Hyatt

Mel being photographed for National Geographic.

We saw the first curt of the HBO series and it was incredible. The story told by the survivors themselves. 

Nuff said!  

Have a great day. 

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